Calibre Group

qldwater Affiliate Member since: 2021

Calibre is a leading provider of diversified and value-driven engineering services. Our teams bring end-to-end full project lifecycle engineering and technical capabilities that ensure each project delivers sustainable and positive outcomes to the community.

Passion for sustainability within a development context is at the centre of our approach to water and environment planning and design.

Depending on your needs, we provide a range of water and environment services, with particular expertise in:

- Automation and optimisation of water systems and waste plants

- Floodplain modelling management

- Stormwater infrastructure

- Sustainability and ecosystem management

- Waste management

- Waste to energy and bioenergy

- Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), and

- Water resources

Client and site-specific solutions

Whether it’s for greenfield or infill developments, mining operations or urban development projects, we work with you and specialist teams to generate solutions for each project’s unique environmental considerations. We combine technical excellence and innovation to reduce risks and costs now, and into the future.

We are EnviroDevelopment professionals

Developments that demonstrate high environmental standards attract higher premium returns and gain public support. EnviroDevelopment endorsement assists prospective buyers to identify development (urban, commercial, or industrial) that achieve outstanding performance across four or more areas – ecosystems, waste, energy, materials, water, and community.

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