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Grenof is an Australian-owned solutions-based company focused on providing innovative and proven technologies and solutions to the water, wastewater and renewables sectors. Grenof provide innovative water treatment solutions to an extensive range of clients from municipal councils and major water utilities to mining and agriculture organisations across Australia. Grenof specialise in the manufacture, distribution and dosing of specialist chemicals for sewer odour and corrosion protection and pH correction, in addition to decentralised, cost effective, sustainable chlorine production. Grenof is also NATA accredited, providing pipeline certification and disinfection services to the water industry, in addition to being highly experienced in delivering operations and maintenance services.

Grenof’s business is built on being heavily customer focussed, providing innovative and sustainable solutions and unique business models. These underlying values are demonstrated with Grenof’s Phodine and Green Chlorine Business Models that offer best in class products, combined with value for money and the ability to generate non-regulated income for the customer. Built with an experienced team of professionals, engineers and technicians, we understand the industries in which we work and implement tailored solutions. Grenof has long term research and development partnerships with Australian universities, as a result, we provide proven and sustainable innovative technologies that improve efficiency.

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