The Water and Carbon Group

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The Water and Carbon Group (WCG) is a unique engineering contractor leading the industry in designing, building, and operating multifunctional infrastructure that value natural assets. Operating since 2007, WCG is at the forefront of sustainable engineering within the water/wastewater, waste, environmental services, and remediation industries.

We provide a comprehensive range of advisory, design, delivery, operation and R&D services for customers across an array of different industries including government, utilities (water & wastewater), landfill management, and the private sector.

Our team of engineering and environmental specialists work collaboratively to create highly effective bespoke solutions that meet the performance, financial and sustainability goals of our customers. When viable, we aim to integrate natural assets into our solutions to achieve lowest whole-of-life cost with minimal energy demand.

We can add value to projects at any stage in their development. Talk to us about your project goals and challenges today - get in touch via our website:

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