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Wagners New Age Building Materials are proud to be able to offer the very latest in Structural Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) elements and now our Geopolymer Concrete for the Water Industry.

Designed and built with a 100 year design life as a standard term, our solutions for infrastructure such as Reservoir Roof trusses, Support Columns within reservoirs, Walkways, Stairs and Water Tower Structures. In fact, any application where water has an effect on or with short and long term performance of the elements in the system. We offer a 7 year full replacement warranty on all our FRP components and a 100 year design life to support our claims.

Geopolymer Concrete is trademarked Earth Friendly concrete® or EFC® due to its extremely low carbon emission that stems from completely eliminating Portland cement. This exciting new addition to the concrete industry has been developed over the past ten years and is available commercially from Wagners fixed site plants in Queensland. EFC® can also be supplied for large remote projects with Wagners mobile plant project solutions. The binder in EFC was reported to produce 90% LESS carbon emissions with savings of 244 kg CO2 emissions compared to regular Portland cement. The different chemistry of this new type of concrete also makes it very high performance and durable.

Our engineers are here to help you solve those maintenance issues that dog your infrastructure. Wagners CFT are based at Wellcamp (Toowoomba). Please contact us on (07) 4637 7777, email CFTSales@wagner.com.au or visit our website at www.wagnerscft.com.au.

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