QWRAP Bidpool Funding

QWRAP funding is provided by the Queensland Government through the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy. Competitive bid pool funding is available for designated regional groups for work that contributes to building collaboration maturity. The designated groups are:

Limited funding may be allocated to other regions (subject to availability) based on demonstration of increasing collaboration maturity.


QWRAP funding is provided through a 'bidpool' on a competitive, first-come, first-served basis with priority given to work that promotes collaboration maturity (see Document 1 below). Regional coordinators or chairs are encouraged to discuss opportunities and develop applications iteratively with the LGAQ and qldwater. The Bid Pool consists of two components:

  1. Funding for Joint Activities and Projects that build regional collaboration - a co-contribution in cash and in-kind is expected. The proportion of bidpool contribution to a joint activity may exceed 50% as a regional alliance progresses to projects demonstrating a high degree of collaboration maturity.
  2. Annual funding for Regional Coordination to subsidise salary costs of a regional coordinator. The regional coordinator acts as secretariat and provides administrative and project management support to a regional alliance which  includes: preparation of funding requests, funding acquittals and project reporting.

The Documents below provide guidelines and templates for bidpool funding.

DOCUMENT 1 QWRAP Bidpool Guideline 2020 v3-0(June) - Release Date 15-Jun-2020: - QWRAP Bidpool Guidelines

DOCUMENT 2 Bidpool projects Guideline Template v3-0(June) - Release Date 15-Jun-2020: -

DOCUMENT 3 Bidpool projects finalisation report Template v3-0(June) - Release Date 15-Jun-2020: -

DOCUMENT 4 Annual Workplan Guideline Template v3-0(June) - Release Date 15-Jun-2020: -

DOCUMENT 5 Annual Report and Acquittal v3-0(June) - Release Date 15-Jun-2020: -