Our Members

qldwater members are registered urban water service providers in Queensland which include local government service providers, local government-owned corporations, local government-owned statutory authorities and state government-owned statutory authorities. In 2015 we also introduced an Affiliate Members option to help fund our communication products.

In 2019-20 qldwater had a total of 72 full members, which included:

  • 2 of 2 Torres Strait Island Council Service Providers
  • 15 of 15 Aboriginal Councils
  • 52 of 52 Non-Indigenous Councils
  • 2 of 2 council-owned Statutory Authorities in SEQ (Unitywater, Urban Utilities)
  • 1 of 2 state government-owned Statutory Authorities (Gladstone Area Water Board)

Our Members

qldwater works closely with Seqwater through the Queensland Water Skills Partnership.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate Membership funds are directed towards enhancing our communication products. We thank our current Affiliate Members:

Bligh Tanner is a structural, civil, environmental and water engineering consultancy distinguished by its high level of expertise, personalised service and reputation for delivering innovation on all projects.
Over the past 27 years the firm has been responsible for some of Queensland’s most innovative and complex engineering projects, from multi million dollar special structures, to world-leading integrated water management systems. Download the Company Profile here.
Since 1998, Community Solutions has supported regional Queensland in offering employment support, vocational training and social support. Closely embedded in the communities in which they operate, Community Solutions supports their customer in achieving their goals by delivering sustainable jobs for people with a range of skills and from diverse backgrounds. 

We welcome the ongoing support of two Queensland Government departments.

The Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy's vision is a prosperous Queensland through resilient and affordable energy and water sectors.

To achieve this, the department's strategy is to deliver innovative policy, planning and regulatory solutions in partnership with our stakeholders to support cost-effective, safe secure and reliable energy and water supply.

The Queensland Government Department of Health plays a part in the urban water industry through drinking water quality management, recycled and non-drinking water, water contaminants and public health risks, fluoridation and more.

Detection Services is a specialised pipeline inspection and water loss management company focusing on the areas of leak detection, valve management, pipeline condition assessment, trunk main leak detection, pump efficiency, transient monitoring, pressure and flow logging, permanent monitoring, NDT testing and ROV reservoir inspections.

Established in 1991, Detection Services is proud to be at the forefront of developing, sourcing and delivering better ways of managing our water resources.


Research Laboratory Services has been an Affiliate Member since 2019.

Research Laboratory Services is an independent consulting service that aims to provide industry specific applications advice based on world recognised scientific practices.           

Research Laboratory Services' specialist areas of expertise include hydrogen sulphide breakthrough capacity, BDOC analysis, AOC analysis, BAC aging profiles, activated carbon performance testing, ozone demand studies, WTP optimisation, pilot plant design and operation, design of testing protocols and data interpretation.

qldwater is pleased to welcome Simmonds & Bristow as a new Affiliate Member for 2020. 

Simmonds and Bristow are integrated water management specialists offering diversity through multiple product service lines including Environmental Science, Process Engineering, Consultancy Services, Field Services, Plant Operations & Maintenance, Relief Operators and Water Treatment Plant Training.

Simmonds and Bristow support clients throughout Australia and near neighbours with services to water infrastructure, efficiency, quality and quantity. For more information regarding the services S&B provides please visit the Queensland Water Directory.

qldwater is pleased to welcome the Solomon Island Water Authority as a new Affiliate Member for 2017/2018.

Based in Honiara, Solomon Island Water Authority provides reliable and safe water supply and sewerage services to Honiara, Auki, Noro and Tulagi in the Solomon Islands.

Solomon Water provides water services to an estimated population of up to 100,000 people in Honiara and over 8000 in the served Provincial centres. Municipal wastewater services are provided to around 30,000 people in Honiara only.

TRILITY is proud to support the Queensland Water Directorate because it understands the importance of working closely with Queensland’s central advisory and advocacy body within the urban water industry. TRILITY is an established leader in the Australian water industry dedicated to the delivery of water, wastewater and reuse solutions within the municipal, industrial and resource sectors. The company is a proud asset owner and operator with an established footprint in every corner of the nation, particularly in Queensland where it has been operating since 2000.

TRILITY has provided services from the Gold Coast in the south to the tip of Cape York and west to the Darling Downs, with operational hubs built on partnerships with key clients in South East Queensland, Gladstone and Townsville regions. The company’s leadership draws on more than 20 years’ experience providing solutions including asset financing and ownership, design and construction, operations and maintenance, asset management and supporting utility services.

TRILITY was the first private sector partner to join qldwater. This signals an intent to be a long term operational and construction partner to water service providers all around Queensland. For more information regarding the services TRILITY provides please visit the Queensland Water Directory.

qldwater is pleased to welcome Veolia Australia/NZ as a new Affiliate Member for 2018/2019.  

Veolia Water Services help councils manage every step of the water cycle - from extraction, treatment, storage and distribution, to collection, transportation, recycling and restitution of wastewater.

Veolia offers complete municipal water management services, from sourcing the appropriate technology, carrying out design and construction and taking care of operations, maintenance and long-term management.

qldwater is pleased to welcome Viridis Consultants as a new Affiliate Member for 2018/2019.

Viridis Consultants Pty Ltd (Viridis) is a Brisbane consultancy that has been providing quality management services to the water industry for over 10 years. Viridis has grown organically and currently provides services nationally to an ever-growing client-base, built through a commitment to service delivery, which is demonstrated by third-party certification to ISO 9001.  

Viridis provides services including: management plan development; review and audit; process performance assessments; process optimisation; validation; risk assessment; and training. These services are currently provided to regulators, state government departments, government owned water corporations, councils, private water providers, industry and other consultants. Our niche is in the management of drinking, recycled, waste and industrial waters, however, we have provided management services to other areas of our clients’ operations.

Viridis has a dedicated team of consulting engineers, scientists and auditors that are experts in their field. We are able to put together multi-disciplinary teams to work on a range of projects and can also manage projects with multiple specialist sub-contractors.

qldwater is pleased to welcome Wagners as a new Affiliate Member for 2020/2021.

Wagners New Age Building Materials are proud to be able to offer the very latest in Structural Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) elements and now our Geopolymer Concrete for the Water Industry.

Designed and built with a 100 year design life as a standard term, our solutions for infrastructure such as Reservoir Roof trusses, Support Columns within reservoirs, Walkways, Stairs and Water Tower Structures. In fact, any application where water has an effect on or with short and long term performance of the elements in the system. We offer a 7 year full replacement warranty on all our FRP components and a 100 year design life to support our claims.

Geopolymer Concrete is trademarked Earth Friendly concrete® or EFC® due to its extremely low carbon emission that stems from completely eliminating Portland cement. This exciting new addition to the concrete industry has been developed over the past ten years and is available commercially from Wagners fixed site plants in Queensland. EFC® can also be supplied for large remote projects with Wagners mobile plant project solutions. The binder in EFC was reported to produce 90% LESS carbon emissions with savings of 244 kg CO2 emissions compared to regular Portland cement. The different chemistry of this new type of concrete also makes it very high performance and durable.

Our engineers are here to help you solve those maintenance issues that dog your infrastructure. Wagners CFT are based at Wellcamp (Toowoomba). Please contact us on (07) 4637 7777, email CFTSales@wagner.com.au or visit our website at www.wagnerscft.com.au.

Our 2020/21 information brochure on Affiliate Memberships is now available here. For further information please contact Desiré Gralton on 0427 596 478 or email dgralton@qldwater.com.au.

Benefits of membership

Benefits for members of qldwater are listed here and include:

  • industry representation,
  • support in technical and operational issues,
  • improved technical representation in policy formulation through LGAQ,
  • stronger technical input to State and Commonwealth Government,
  • standard documentation,
  • streamlined reporting and planning, 
  • minimising duplication by members (methodologies, procedures, etc.), and 
  • improving cooperation among Service Providers and facilitating regional collaboration,
  • benchmarking and best practice
  • training and capacity building
  • links to other industry members and national and other jurisdictions
  • free access to our publications, downloads and the members-only website
  • access to the 'Ask an Expert' web forums.