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Bye-bye BC Hello Treepl
Bye-bye BC Hello Treepl New
Date: 05-Aug-2020

After a lengthy and painful process, we have finally kissed our old Business Catalyst site goodbye and entered a new ...

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eFlash #443
eFlash #443 New
Date: 31-Jul-2020

In this edition: Essential Webinars, Hrudey @ WIOA Virtual Water, Emerging Contaminants Consortium Support for Queensland Research Centres, Public Works Professionals.

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eFlash #442
eFlash #442 New
Date: 22-Jul-2020

In this edition: Call for Papers – Atherton mini-conference –  Read more

eFlash #441
eFlash #441
Date: 03-Jul-2020

In this edition: Daryl Ross, Australian Water Professional of the Year | Dr Steve Hrudey keynote presentation  | Public consultation— ...

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