Member Services

Membership eligibility

qldwater's core membership is open to all Queensland water and sewerage service providers with a very high participation rate. Other organisations may apply for Affiliate Membership.

Strong, dependable and united industry voice

qldwater works proactively and cooperatively with state and national agencies to ensure the water industry has a seat at the table when it comes to deciding the industry’s future. qldwater provides advocacy, representation and collated industry responses on key water issues. Whether it is to inform legislation, industry reform, streamline reporting requirements  or simplify statutory plans, we ensure that members’ views are heard.

Accurate, reliable and timely information

Get the information and advice you need, when you need it. qldwater collates specific industry and technical advice to support our members. Contact qldwater directly or access our regular information services from e-Flashes, online forums, newslettersfactsheets and industry position papers.

Information sharing and streamlined water reporting

Water and sewerage service providers must report water data to a range of government bodies under various pieces of legislation. Managing overlapping and duplicate requests is a full-time task. The Statewide Water Information Management (SWIM) provides a single portal for reporting and maintaining water data. SWIM access is complementary for qldwater members. A subscription service called swimlocal, with additional features including mobile data entry and a task module, is available for utilities that want to fully control their data storage and management, to save time, improve data quality and rationalise reporting. 

Skills Development

The water industry employs a diverse workforce and ensuring that this workforce has the right skills and capabilities is a critical issue for all service providers. Our Water Skills Partnership is the peak industry-led skills program for progressing the skills agenda in Queensland. Working with industry we seek to ensure that State and Federal governments invest appropriately in this essential industry.  The Partnership coordinates industry wide workforce planning and development projects and represents Queensland on numerous national industry skills committees.

Network with your Industry

qldwater provides opportunities to stay in touch with networks and peers in the industry through formal and informal means including expert groups, industry events, regional conferences and an Annual Forum. We started the best of the best water taste test to increase recognition of the work done by Queensland utilities but it has grown to be a national program through our partnership with WIOA.

Manuals, Guidelines and Templates

Keeping up with government requirements and changing technology is a full-time job. qldwater maintains an extensive Resource Library which includes a range of resources we have developed, those we’ve gathered from other sources including members, presentations from events and a wealth of procurement documentation including relevant samples from LG Tenders and Q Tenders, sorted by topic.

LGAQ Policy

We collaborate closely with LGAQ to influence policy relevant to Local Government water and sewerage services. LGAQ is a key partner and relies on qldwater to link with industry knowledge and information on significant issues as well as up-to-date technical advice.

We regularly meet with and seek to understand member's needs

We understand that member issues may be unique. qldwater staff engage regularly with members and develop opportunities for face-to-face meetings throughout the year to discuss local issues and impacts. Some opportunities include regional conferences and industry events, training, expert panels, TRG meetings, QWRAP regional meetings and our annual Water Connections Week. Feedback, suggestions or comments from members are invited through a range of mechanisms.

Training and Capacity Building

Ensuring staff are well trained is key to the water industry’s ongoing success. qldwater helps members stay abreast of recent changes in training and skills and ensures access to relevant training programs and materials. Through the Water Skills Partnership, we assist members to save in training costs through coordinated training programs and regional collaboration. The Partnership also secures skills and training funding and initiates pilot training initiatives on behalf of the industry.

Have a say - opportunities for contribution in policy formulation

Contribute to joint industry responses on draft legislation, policy papers and statutory guidelines or participate on our expert panels or the TRG. Join our forums to share your knowledge and experience with others or provide feedback directly to us at any time.

Industry-specific projects

qldwater establishes and project manages significant projects driven by industry needs. If you have a specific project need, qldwater can assist you to scope the initial project, including undertaking impact assessments and identifying potential investment or funding opportunities.

Strong industry links

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia Queensland (IPWEAQ) is our parent body. qldwater is also an associate member of WSAA and corporate member of WIOA. Our strong industry links provide members with additional access to a wide range of industry networks.

Access to funding

As well as keeping members informed about potential funding sources, qldwater assists regional consortiums to access State and Commonwealth funding. We also seek funding opportunities to support major programs specific to emerging industry needs.

Regional collaboration

Some industry solutions can only be achieved through partnering with neighbouring water service providers. Establishing this collaboration can often be difficult and costly for members. qldwater provides facilitation and assistance to establish and maintain regional efforts to support and develop the water industry and has partnered with LGAQ and the state Government on the QWRAP  program to explore more formal regional arrangements.

Strategic Priorities Group (SPG)

The SPG meets regularly to direct and inform qldwater priorities and activities. It is a collaborative working group of managers and experts from across Queensland who freely contribute their time and travel costs to represent and support the development of the industry. All members are able to nominate a representative to the SPG and help shape the future of our industry. We maintain a number of other significant reference groups/ communities of practice including the Sewage and Water Environment and Advisory Panel.

Other Benefits

  • free copy of all major publications
  • access to documents available only through the member-only website
  • unlimited downloads;
  • regular member’s newsletter
  • enter qldwater awards for water operators and others;
  • use SWIM to meet data reporting requirements;
  • discounted / often free attendance at events;
  • joint funding opportunities & other savings.