Member Services

Since 2003, the Queensland Water Directorate (qldwater) has represented the interests of our members, taking on a central leadership role in supporting the Queensland urban water industry. 

qldwater aims to strengthen the industry to maintain and improve the safety, health, wellbeing and sustainability of Queensland’s communities.

We pride ourselves on being responsive, adaptable and nimble, introducing new programs like the Essentials and Fundamentals Webinar series during COVID and tackling emerging contaminants through the qldwater Consortium for Research and Advocacy on Contaminants (qCRAC).

We provide our members with:

• a strong, dependable and united industry voice

• accurate, reliable and timely information

• critical technical and professional resources

• links to essential skills and training programs to help improve industry capabilities and assist career development

• opportunities for contribution to policy formulation

• support for water management, regional collaboration and efficiency improvements

• information sharing and streamlined water reporting

• research in response to industry needs

 To view our Capability Statement for 2021-22, please click here.