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Resources that cover the whole business e.g. management, human resources, planning etc.

Resources that relate to water sources including rivers, dams, bores etc.

The Water Treatment topic includes anything that happens at a water treatment plant.

Resources related to the broader water network outside of the treatment plant, including pipes, pumps, reservoirs etc.

Resources relating to customer service / standards.

Resources relating to anything that happens at a sewage treatment plant.

Resources relating to the broader sewerage network, including pipes and pumps.

Resources relating to the recycle and reuse of water, wastewater, biosolids etc.

The materials provided in this library are available to qldwater members only, and will require a login to access. To enquire about membership please email us.

All resources are provided for guidance only and without warranty. They are a mixture of templates prepared by qldwater over many years, other resources gathered from Queensland government agencies or other national and international sources, sample documents provided by members and contract/ specification documents advertised through public tender processes.  Many documents have been stored because they are useful and not available elsewhere.  While some may be current, users should assume that they are not and check current regulatory requirements carefully.

Please note: qldwater has put a hold on uploading new tender specifications to the Resource Library due to the limited number of downloads in relation to the work required to download specification documents, classify and upload to our site. We will continue to extract/download the tender specifications from VendorPanel and eTenderBox and store them on our network drive – keep an eye on our eFlashes for updates on the latest available documents or email us if you need help finding anything in particular.

Specification documents listed here may or may not have been final versions. Often additional posts or modified documents were provided from time to time but it has not been possible to capture and store all of these amendments. While the utilities responsible for preparation of the documents may be willing to assist in sourcing other related information, doing so would purely be at their own discretion.