Useful Links

Water Industry Operators Association (WIOA)

The WIOA website provides access to a range of free operator resources as well as water and wastewater related practical guides for purchase.

Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA)

WSAA provides a large range of codes, compendia, guidelines, manuals, materials fact sheets, product specifications, product and material information, technical notes, water industry standards and other information through the WSAA Shop. Many of these resources are free, while others are available for purchase. Under qldwater’s MOU with WSAA, qldwater members with less than 20,000 connections receive a discount of 50% when purchasing WSAA codes and standards.

In addition to these resources, a further range of WSSA publications can be accessed through the website’s Publications page.

NSW Water Directorate (NSWWD)

The NSWWD offers a range of manuals, guidelines, protocols, templates and flow charts for purchase through its online bookshop. Due to differing Queensland and New South Wales state legislation and regulatory frameworks, any hyperlink to this website should include cautionary advice that resources developed for the NSW water business environment may require adaption to suit Queensland’s requirements.

Bureau of Meteorology Climate Resilient Water Sources (CREWS)

The CREWS website provides access to a range of potentially useful information about climate resilient water sources in Australia. Users have the ability to drill down and access scheme level information based on water source, treatment type and end-use.

Water Research Access Portal (WRAP)

WRAP provides a single point of access to a wide range of Australian water research publications. Categories include Water Security, Water Quality and Catchment Management, Technology, Treatment and Energy, Resilience and Climate Change, Governance and Economics, Water Smart Cities, Community, Customers and Staff and Asset Management.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland

This Workplace Health and Safety Queensland website allows qldwater members convenient access to a range of resources, including codes of practice for high risk activities such as confined spaces, asbestos handling, using hazardous chemicals and traffic management, and high risk licensing requirements and renewals.