Water Taste Test

The 2020 Sigura Best of the Best Queensland Water Taste Test and Trivia - time to get excited!

We kick off the new decade welcoming a new taste test sponsor! Sigura, previously known as Lonza, have been a long time supporter of the Queensland urban water industry with a track record in providing innovative solutions to our members. The word Sigura means sure, safe, secure, which is an appropriate word to describe the taste test! Read more about the organisation by clicking on the logo below.

On Thursday, 10 September from 2.30 to 4.00, the 2020 Corona-version of the taste test will be a fun and interactive online session, so get your colleagues together for an afternoon tea or drinks and watch our panel of judges as they make their way through the samples while we challenge you to a game of taste test trivia. Great prizes up for grabs!

To enter you need to send us a completed entry form by Friday, 14 August. This is really important as we need to get in touch to record a short video of you/your team talking about the water sample to play at the event.

Then, get your samples ready and ship two litres of your liquid gold to Level 1, 6 Eagleview Place, Eagle Farm by Wednesday, 9 September 2020.

Not sure which sample to enter? Download the tasting guidelines and run your own taste test with your colleagues or even within your community to ensure your top drop is entered.

A bit of taste test history

qldwater started the Best of the Best Queensland Water Taste Test to promote the good work done by Water Service Providers in producing a great quality product to their communities 24/7. By no means a technical test, it’s what makes local communities proud, typically measured by what makes a good cup of tea.

The water industry continues to experience numerous challenges from natural disasters to changes in water regulation that impact the way water service providers including councils supply and manage water and wastewater within their communities. While the taste test is about how good tap water tastes, it is also meant to help inform the community about how much effort goes into providing clean drinking water; with far greater controls and lower cost than other retail sources like bottled water.

With 75 drinking water service providers around the state - mostly owned and run by local government organisations - and over 300 schemes (or community water supplies), the quest to find the top drop of tap water in Queensland keeps evolving as we trial different formats to decide the winner each year. 

In the past we narrowed down the entries through six regional semi-finals, but since 2016 we hosted one statewide event only with attendees at our Annual Forum deciding which service provider produces Queensland's top drop.

We've also had some fun trying a range of different trophies - starting with Lego water treatment plants (unfortunately discontinued by Lego) and having a crack at reusing some old pipes from one of our member organisations out west. This year we return to the much loved glass trophies produced by Brisbane artist Gayle Shaw.


In 2019 we also produced a couple of short videos to stir up excitement about the competition.

Seven Steps to Water Tasting Glory

If your goal is to get your boss to send you on an all-expenses paid gig to the US, then follow our seven steps to water tasting glory.

The Quest to find Queensland’s Best

It’s the wide variety of sources that makes QLD water one of the greatest drinks in the universe, and we’re set to find the best of the best…

Previous Winners

Read more about previous winners by clicking on the heading for each year.

Taste Test 2019

Winner: Mackay Regional Council's Marian Water Treatment Plant

Taste Test 2018

Winner: Mackay Regional Council’s Nebo Road Water Treatment Plant

Taste Test 2017

Winner: Livingstone Shire Council’s Capricorn Coast Scheme 

Taste Test 2016

Winner: Toowoomba Regional Council’s Mt Kynoch Scheme 

Taste Test 2015

Winner: Barcaldine Regional Council with water from the Great Artesian Basin

Taste Test 2014

Winner: Richmond Shire Council with water from a pilot water treatment plant

Taste Test 2013

Winner: Cook Shire Council's Cooktown Water Treatment Plant

Taste Test 2012

Winner: Burdekin Shire Council's Ayr Water Treatment Plant

Taste Test 2011

Winner: Barcoo Shire Council for the Jundah potable water supply