Chlorate Residuals

Chlorate is a natural break-down product of sodium hypochlorite and concentrations are higher in older batches of chemical especially if they are exposed to heat or contain metals.

Processes to manage chlorate concentrations are covered in the Chlorate Fact Sheet and alternatives are discussed in the overview of disinfection methods. Members requiring further information can contact us here.

Relevant Documents

Chlorate Fact Sheet May 2022 - Release Date 09-May-2022: - This Chlorate Fact Sheet was updated to include feedback from Queensland Health and others in May 2022.

Chlorate Position Statement April 2022 - Release Date 12-Apr-2022: - Queensland Health Chlorate Position Statement April 2022 

Chlorate Fact Sheet - Release Date 05-Jun-2013: - Chlorate Fact Sheet 2013

Gas or Hypo or Something Else: Disinfection Options for water service providers - Release Date 16-Jul-2018: - Information for water service providers to support management decisions on disinfection options. This discussion paper provides local government decision makers with information to help them make informed choices about disinfection options for their water and sewerage schemes. It addresses the pros and cons of disinfection using chlorine gas, bulk liquid sodium hypochlorite, on-site generated sodium hypochlorite, and solid calcium hypochlorite.