As part of the response to COVID-19 crisis in early 2020, qldwater volunteered to coordinate relief arrangements for communities where staff were significantly impacted. Working with public and private providers from across the state we facilitated mutual assistance and information sharing, formed an emergency support network of private providers for immediate assistance, and developed a plan to assist with coordination of relief operators in the event of isolated outbreaks during the long-term recovery process. The plan outlines suggestions for processes to assist in the provision and safe deployment of relief staff to ensure that water and sewerage services are maintained for the safety of any community impacted by a COVID-19 (or similar) outbreak. This plan was updated in late 2020 and is available through the Forum and the Documents on the COVID page.

The emergency support network met weekly during the height of COVID disruption with support from numerous private service providers and Urban Utilities. The group will be re-convened as necessary. During 2020, the following companies (listed in alphabetical order), participated and offered support, where possible, with remote monitoring, relief operations and other technical advice:

Name of Provider Aurecon
Contact Details:

Address: 25 King St, Bowen Hills QLD 4006


Hours of business

8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Please summarise any accreditations / QA processes
Services provided along with high level qualifications / experience of key personnel.

Treatment plant designers

Asset management planning and support

Digital operations advisory and support

Water Services strategy development

Intelligent Network services

Current organisational policy in relation to travel (assuming that COVID-19 restrictions can be relaxed for essential services, but also the need to protect staff)

Current policy is for no non-essential travel, and any travel must comply with client travel requirements.

Pricing policy

Pricing policy is determined through the discussions with the client on services required including hourly rate sheets, potential for high utilisation discounts and fixed fee structures.

Any other information you would like to add?

We have developed a range of solutions for providing remote support, and are supporting clients in working through the implications of Covid, and are happy to share our learnings and perspectives.

Name of Provider Aquatec Maxcon
Contact Details:

Address: 119 Toongarra Road, Wulkuraka, QLD 4305

Telephone (Office): (07) 3813 7100

Mobile: 0478 351 397


Hours of business

Aquatec Maxcon works between the hours of 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. If Aquatec Maxcon is required to work over weekends (due to project requirements) we will seek approval from the Client.

Please summarise any accreditations / QA processes

AS/NZS 4801:2001 (OHS)

BS OHSAS 18001:2007 (OHS)

ISO 9001:2015 (QA)

ISO 14001:2015 (EMS)

Office of Federal Government Safety Commissioner

Services provided along with high level qualifications / experience of key personnel.

Aquatec Maxcon is a highly experienced supplier of water and wastewater technology.

Aquatec Maxcon is qualified for the provision of services for the design, manufacture, supply, installation, construction and operation of wastewater and water treatment equipment, waste management, materials handling equipment and general engineering.
We have a wide range of expertise from staff including professional engineers (civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical and environmental), draftspersons, boilermakers, fitter and turners, painters and certified water and wastewater plant operators supporting our specialist activities. We can provide assistance for operations, water, wastewater, mechanical and electrical work. The following Operations Managers will be able to assist with any enquiries regarding their respective divisions.
Operation Managers

General Account Manager: Zak Floyde Smith

Mobile: 0478 351 397


Water Service Manager: Mohsen Mobarghei

Mobile: 0431 495 885


Wastewater Service Manager: Bob Ma

Mobile: 0402 940 347


Mechanical Manager: Evan Bentley

Mobile: 0403 452 834


Electrical Manager: Elmo Allan

Mobile: 0423 782 503


We can offer the services of the following Operations staff. Detailed CV’s can be provided upon request.

Engineering Key Personnel
  • Andrew Chan – Chemical/Process Engineer – 10 years exp.
  • Brock Reed – Mechanical Engineer – 1 years exp.
  • David Yule – Mechanical Engineer – 27 years exp.
  • Jessica Buchanan – Chemical Engineer – 7 years exp.
  • Ben Johanson – Mechanical Engineer – 7 years exp.
  • Shay White – Chemical Engineer – 5 years exp.
  • Adrian Buckley – Chemical Engineer – 25 years exp.
  • James Alback – Mechanical Engineer – 2 years exp.
  • Lian Wang – Process Engineer – 17 years exp.
  • Kent Hsieh – Chemical Engineer – 3 years exp.
  • Guy Webb – Process Engineer – 2 years exp.
  • Bob Ma – Process Engineer – 21 years exp.
  • Mohsen Mobarghei – Chemical Engineer – 18 years exp.
  • Mark Aitken – Chemical Engineer – 30+ years exp.
  • Masashi Date-Shappard – Chemical Engineer – 3 years exp.
Electrical Services Key Personnel

Glen Stevens – Installation Supervisor – 10 years exp.

Installation Services Key Personnel
  • John Blake – Aquatec Services Manager – 49 years exp.
  • Daryn Bean – Site Supervisor – 37 years exp.
  • Dean Grbin – Site Supervisor – 20 years exp.
  • Matthew Fletcher – Site Supervisor – 30 years exp.
  • C Proctor – 6 years exp.
  • Tom Davis – 9 years exp.
  • David Atkinson – 35 years exp.
  • C Thompson – 10 years exp.
  • Evan Bentley - Site Supervisor – 30 years exp.
  • M Bentley – 6 years exp.
  • J Bentley – 4 years exp.
  • W Bentley – 4 years exp.
  • Kirk Thornton – 8 years exp.
Current organisational policy in relation to travel (assuming that COVID-19 restrictions can be relaxed for essential services, but also the need to protect staff) Aquatec Maxcon is committed to the ongoing safety of our staff and has implemented a number of safety measures in order to keep our personnel safe. Aquatec Maxcon’s services are deemed to be essential and our workers are thus allowed to travel in order to provide these vital services. Aquatec Maxcon has procured letters from a number of clients stating our essential service status.

“Security of water supply is critical in sustaining the health and safety of Queenslanders in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are exemptions for the movement of essential people, goods and services that supports the supply chain that provides safe drinking water and sewerage treatment.”

Pricing policy

Pricing TBA depending on scope and location.

Any other information you would like to add? Aquatec Maxcon have designed, installed and commissioned almost every type of water and wastewater technology and have delivered these contracts under various types of project delivery methods. Our years of experience have given us a broad range of knowledge of the different processes and equipment used for differing purposes. In addition to our technical expertise, we have project management and installation teams with many years of experience in delivering projects in remote areas through to projects in major capital cities.

Aquatec Maxcon is widely recognised as a trusted Project Manager and Water Technology Partner. Our delivery of and contribution to projects has been recognised with International, National and State Awards for Excellence in Project Management, Engineering Excellence and Community Relations.

Download Aquatec Maxcon's Capability Statement

Name of Provider Bligh Tanner Pty Ltd
Contact Details:

Address: Level 9, 269 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006


Mobile: 0408 193 594


Hours of business

8 - 5 weekdays

Please summarise any accreditations / QA processes

ISO9001 certified

Exemplar Global Water Quality Management Systems Lead Auditors

Services provided along with high level qualifications / experience of key personnel.
  • Water quality management expertise (e.g. drinking water/ wastewater/ stormwater)
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Management Planning
  • Developing and implementing SOPs
  • Incident investigation and recovery
  • Liaison with government departments (Licenses/ EAs etc)
Key Staff
Current organisational policy in relation to travel (assuming that COVID-19 restrictions can be relaxed for essential services, but also the need to protect staff)

We have developed and implemented policies around COVID-19 that adhere to the current government recommendations. 

We have developed a number of remote solutions to continue to assist providers, but would be willing to travel on site if necessary (with appropriate precautions for both the client and ourselves). This would be contingent on being able to get appropriate authorisation from health authorities if required.

Pricing policy

All jobs quotable – contact us for assistance. We can either work on hourly rates or fixed rate. We are also willing to negotiate for longer term agreements. We are able to be engaged through Local Buy as necessary.

Any other information you would like to add? Bligh Tanner has a diverse group of Science and Engineering experts that can work with you to solve most problems. Where necessary we will refer you onto other specialists, or work with relevant subcontractors to deliver the outcome you require.

Name of Provider Hunter H2O
Contact Details: Dr Craig Jakubowski
Level 13,
288 Edward Street Brisbane QLD 4000
P. +61 2 4941 4941
Hours of business

8am to 5pm

Please summarise any accreditations / QA processes

Hunter H2O has an integrated Business Management System including triple certification with Quality Certified to ISO9001, Work Health & Safety Certified to AS4801 and Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001.

The Quality Management, Safety Management and Environmental Management System’s registration scope covers the provision of Engineering Consulting Services in the water industry and associated fields, including planning, environmental, survey, design, construction, project management, commissioning, and operational services. Each of these systems are prominent in the project planning for each project and as such a project plan is developed to ensure the process meets the management system requirements and therefore the final product meets the requirements of our customer.

Hunter H2O offers a number of senior and principal engineers who are accredited through the relevant professional bodies.

  • Auditing: WQMS Lead Auditor (Exemplar Global, formerly RABQSA).
  • Food Safety (HACCP): Food Safety Management Systems RABQSA-FS
Services provided along with high level qualifications / experience of key personnel.

Hunter H2O is one of the largest Australian private specialist consulting firms in the water industry. We operate across a broad range of water industry project types within the following diverse set of clients and geographies: Regional Water Authorities, Metropolitan Water Authorities, International, Private Sector Clients and Government Agencies.

We employ about 100 water industry specialists and forecast continual growth through building a strong presence around our major city offices in Brisbane, Newcastle and Adelaide, as well as a satellite office in Tamworth, NSW.

We work alongside our clients to integrate:

  • Advisory and planning
  • Asset Management
  • Design
  • Digital and SCADA technologies
  • Process engineering
  • Project Management
  • Operations Support

We have a number of qualified treatment plant operators, including Anthony Blair (water treatment) and Ken Newton (wastewater treatment). We also have a number of engineers with hands-on practical experience in operating treatment plants. This includes Tom Schultz (based in Brisbane), who worked as an operator for QUU. Additionally, we have other engineers who can run treatment plants including Michael Carter, Marnie Coates, Evan Jack, Nathan Dick, Emily Hyde and Damon Emerson.

In addition, we have other staff who can provide remote support and troubleshooting and training for treatment issues including Craig Jakubowski (based in Brisbane) who is an experienced Principal water treatment design and operations specialist, along with wastewater specialist Chirag Mehta also in Brisbane. We also have other senior experience staff including Chris Conway, Lisa Procter, Ben Parcell, Paul Thompson, Clara Laydon, Craig White and Michael Collins.

We have other more junior staff who can do jar testing and laboratory work. This includes onsite testing and also jar testing in our own laboratory in Newcastle, using raw water samples sent from clients around Australia.

Hunter H2O also has a number of staff who are experienced in managing the operation water and wastewater networks, including Dean Taylor and Alan Thornton who were executive managers for Hunter Water. They can be supported by other engineering staff with network operations experience including Rebecca Crosby, Daniel Ballinger and Damon Emerson.

If it was of interest, Hunter H2O could also set up and assist with remote SCADA monitoring of treatment plants and water and wastewater networks.

We also licence Lutra’s Infrastructure Data software throughout Australia and facilitate generation of data collection and online forms for efficient collection, analysis and reporting of critical water and effluent quality and operational data, eliminating paperwork and reducing the potential for errors. Dashboards are an integral part of the software, allowing visualisation of key parameters with alert and alarms as well as the production of batch reports to support regular reporting requirements.

Download the Hunter H20 Capability Statement

Current organisational policy in relation to travel (assuming that COVID-19 restrictions can be relaxed for essential services, but also the need to protect staff)

Hunter H2O is allowing employees to travel for on-site activities. We have developed a comprehensive Safe Work Method Statement to address the hazards and control the risks associated with COVID-19 and site-based activities and will work with clients to manage the risks in line with other organisational requirements. We are classed as an essential business (as defined in the NSW Essential Service Act 1988).

Pricing policy

We work with our clients to develop scopes of work that meet the needs of our client with being as efficient as possible. We aim to create pricing structures that are both transparent and flexible and are able to offer fixed fee, hourly rates and discounts for longer full-time positions/projects such as secondments.

Any other information you would like to add?

Name of Provider Simmonds & Bristow
Contact Details:

Andrew Bromley
Sales & Customer Service Representative
0409 570 073

Jason Keane
Operations & Maintenance Manager
0438 066 167

Address: Simmonds & Bristow Brisbane Office: 40a Reginald Street, Rocklea QLD 4106

Phone: 07 3434 3800 or 1800 620 690


Web Site:

Hours of business

Please summarise any accreditations / QA processes

BSI Quality Management ISO 9001 FS520982 certified,
NATA 1500,
RTO code 1735,
RPEQ 3810,
Registered Labour Hire Provider LHL‐02237‐P3R5M (Queensland Government)

Services provided along with high level qualifications / experience of key personnel.

Simmonds and Bristow have been providing over many decades experienced, qualified trained and specialised relief plant operators for Drinking Water, Wastewater, Recycled Water and Water Treatment from Cape to Coast, Island to Outback to cover your permanent staff when:

  • on leave
  • at training or
  • awaiting replacement

Our relief operators can also be deployed to provide you with back-up operator/s during:

  • major events or
  • maintenance programs

When you work with us, you put your plant in the hands of a Registered Labour Hire Provider LHL‐02237‐P3R5M (Queensland Government) this protects your organisation, as heavy penalties apply if you engage or provide labour without this Licence in Queensland.

  • Be aware of non-licenced providers as this can leave you and your business at risk of prosecution
  • Our Licence provides you with protection and peace of mind
  • Avoid costly fines for further information visit

S&B Operators are:

  • Cert III Qualified Sewage and Water Operations
  • Highly Experienced
  • Extremely Skilled
  • Knowledgeable
  • Control and Process adjustment
  • Self-Manage
  • Full support of the knowledgeable and highly practised S&B team of Engineers, Scientists and Operations professionals.

Our Operator duties comprise but not exclusive to:

  • Sampling and daily testing
  • Dosing of plant chemicals
  • Day to day monitoring of plants/equipment
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment monitoring
  • Keeping and maintaining records
  • Troubleshooting any unforeseen circumstances
  • Taking necessary reading throughout the day
  • Mentoring of Junior operators

All you need do is email to engage our services: Tell us about your site, who you need, how long for and the roster they will work to

Current organisational policy in relation to travel (assuming that COVID-19 restrictions can be relaxed for essential services, but also the need to protect staff)

S&B is still at full strength during this pandemic, we are willing and able to stand as an essential service to assist the Queensland water industry.

Pricing policy

We deliver industry-leading rates that are competitive and tailored to the site operational requirements.

Any other information you would like to add?
We are looking for Experienced Operators

As we grow at S&B, we are always on the lookout for additional experienced operators. If you are looking for a role in our team of proficient and certified relief operators, please contact Jason Keane 07 3434 3800 or email

Simmonds & Bristow is a family-owned and operated company and pride ourselves being at the frontline water treatment consultancy in regional and remote Australia, including the South Pacific. We offer multiple discipline services to the water industry-backed by more than 50 years of knowledge and experience. S&B is ISO 90001 quality management accredited.

Engineering and Scientific Services:

At Simmonds & Bristow, it is important to us that our clients know that we are more than just talented individuals. We are a team of engineers and scientists with diverse backgrounds – and together, we are more than the sum of our (excellent) parts. Our experienced engineering consultancy team has successfully designed, commissioned, audited, upgraded, and monitored a variety of water and wastewater treatment plants all over Australia and its near neighbours.

S&B environmental consultancy comprises qualified and competent environmental scientists, who are practiced in a broad range of environmental services. As a NATA accredited facility, we take pride in the quality and stand by our methods. You can rest assured your results will be reliable and accurate.


Simmonds & Bristow offer the services of two RPEQ engineering professionals who strive to combine detailed technical and professional understanding and the wise application of that understanding that assist our clients with the right decisions. The Code of Practice binds RPEQs for Registered Professional Engineers.

Operations and Maintenance:

When you work with Simmonds & Bristow, you put your plant in the hands of the experts. Our trained plant operators are ready to step in as relief operators or even to completely run your plant (all with the full support of the entire Simmonds & Bristow team). We can also help you with your sampling and field service needs. We can provide a fully supported operator five days per week to comprehensively operate and maintain the client’s plant.

Fully Supported Routine Operations & Servicing:

Simmonds and Bristow can provide a fully supported operator five days per week to comprehensively operate and maintain the client’s plant. Operators have full back up support from our scientists and engineers at all times whether this over the phone or on-site as required.

Water Industry Training:

Training is a specialised and very personal journey; we at Simmonds and Bristow take pride in our training programs by ensuring our students have access to the most experienced and knowledgeable trainers. S&B has been providing training to the Water and Wastewater Industry for almost 25 years. Our training of your personnel to specific competency levels ensures organisations comply with two important statutory obligations, namely:

  • Prevent environmental harm; and
  • Be pro-active and exercise due diligence.

Simmonds & Bristow are a Registered Training Organisation (National Provider Code: 1735) delivering nationally recognised training in the new National Water Industry Training Package.

For further information on any of our services, please visit Simmonds & Bristow web site

Name of Provider Suez Water Pty Ltd
Contact Details:

Address: 103 Raubers Road, Northgate QLD 4013

Contact: Margit Connellan, 0412 764 385


Hours of business

8am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Please summarise any accreditations / QA processes
  • AS-NZS 4801:2002 certification
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 certification
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • ISO 14001:2015 certification
  • ISO 55001:2014 certification
Services provided along with high level qualifications / experience of key personnel.

SUEZ currently operates and maintains more than 53 water and wastewater treatment plants across Australasia. Globally we operate and maintain more than 2,500 wastewater treatment plants and 2,300 water treatment plants globally. Our teams can access our Water International Knowledge Transfer Initiative (WIKTI) and Return on Experience (REX) databases and talk to other operators to solve operational issues quickly and efficiently.

SUEZ provides water and wastewater operations and maintenance management services. Some of our key people that can be made available to provide remote advice include:

Chris Young – Executive General Manager Operations 

Location – Perth, WA 

Qualifications and training - International Executive Program (Barcelona & New York) IESE Business School, MBA, Grad Dip in Business Management, Dip in Management, Cert in Project Management, Advanced Cert in Mech Eng Services, Cert in Mech Eng Services, Northern Apprentices Council Cert Mech Eng Services.

Experience – With more than 25 years’ experience within the water industry spanning operations, project delivery, organisational strategy and asset management. Chris has led the delivery, handover, commissioning and operation of iconic water infrastructure projects, including the country’s first large-scale desalination plant in WA, QLD’s $1.3BN ‘Water Grid’ pipeline project and WA’s Aquifer Recharge project. Chris provides strong water and wastewater operational experience and developing people, culture and resource structures to drive productivity, efficiency and safety KPIs. 

Michael O’Connell – Noosa Plant Manager 

Location – Noosa, QLD 

Qualifications and training - Certificate III in Water Operations/Electrical Engineering (Level 4)/Advanced Trade Certificate fitting and turning. 

Experience - Having spent his career in the operation of WWTP, from Maintenance Engineer to Plant Technician and finally Operation Manager, Mike brings a broad knowledge of every aspect of plants operation and maintenance activities. Mike is recognised as a strong operation leader who focuses on health, safety and environmental performance excellence which we believe, are critical skills in providing operational support. 

Pablo Vizioli – O&M Networks Manager

Location – Adelaide, SA

Qualifications and training - Executive MBA/MBA for Managers/DESS Economics/ Industrial Engineer Auditor ISO 9000 (3A, France)/Training of trainers (CIDF)/ Negotiation (ABC Consulting, France)/Field crews Management (ABC Consulting, France)

Experience - Pablo is a highly experienced network management expert having worked on network performance for 20 years. He is recognised as the Network specialist for the SUEZ group. From South America to Europe, and Indonesia, then Australia, Pablo has travelled the world developing a unique expertise around operation and maintenance of water and wastewater network. His knowledge has been captured with the creation of the Water International Knowledge Transfer Initiative developed and deployed by him, for SUEZ. This tool is used today on most of SUEZ’s Network O&M contracts worldwide, including the Allwater Alliance (Australia). Pablo’s unique expertise will provide strong benefit to the operation and maintenance support services.

Peter Segura - O&M Manager

Location: Boneo, VIC

Qualifications and training - Cert III in Wastewater Treatment Processes/Certificate in Chemistry/Fitter and Machinist Apprenticeship

Experience - Peter is a highly skilled operations manager with over 25 years’ experience in operational efficiencies and business operations in the municipal and industrial sectors. During his career, Peter has gained many achievements in productivity and customer satisfaction initiatives. Peter is committed to building strong productive alliances within and outside his organisation. He has a proven talent for developing new contacts, communicating with influence and achieving excellence in performance. As an experienced plant manager with an excellent track record in plant optimisation including wastewater and municipal solid waste treatment and handling plants and systems.

Jamie Porteous - Facilities and Maintenance Manager

Location – Perth

Qualifications and Training - Bachelor Engineering (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, HND in Engineering Management, HNC in Mechatronics Engineering, ONC in Mechanical Engineering

Experience – Jamie is an experienced operations, maintenance and asset manager with a broad skill base developed over 20 years within the international water industry. Since joining SUEZ over eight years ago, Jamie has specialised in the asset management and maintenance of large treatment plants. He has held senior management roles within several high-profile alliances including Aroona and Allwater.

In addition, we have several technical experts within Sydney and internationally that can provide remote assistance.

Current organisational policy in relation to travel (assuming that COVID-19 restrictions can be relaxed for essential services, but also the need to protect staff)

SUEZ’s policy is to minimise the risk to our employees and the community. As such, travel is only approved in special circumstances and can only be approved by senior management.

Based on the current COVID-19 conditions, we are happy to provide remote services through email, phone or video conferencing.

Pricing policy

For operational advice our rates are charged on an hourly basis:

  • Plant Manager / Operations Manager - $200/h
  • Maintenance Manager - $200/h
  • Network operations manager - $200/h
  • Senior operations staff - $170/h
  • Technical experts - $250/h
  • For larger works or programs, these will be quoted.
Any other information you would like to add? Please refer to our brochure outlining our expertise and services.

Name of Provider Trility
Contact Details:

Brisbane office, Level 7, 217 George St, Brisbane, 4000.  Operational teams in SEQ, Townsville and Gladstone Region.


Contact: Dave Ollerton (Regional Operations Manager Qld)


Phone: 07 3248 0600

Mobile: 0488 504 196

Yatala office and workshop: 27 Commerce Crescent, Yatala 4207

Contact: Dan Robertson, Service Manager Qld


Phone: 07 3802 9500

Mobile: 0477 888 285

Operational teams in SEQ, Townsville, Gladstone Region and Northern Peninsula Area.

Hours of business

8am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Please summarise any accreditations / QA processes TRILITY’s management system is accredited to the following standards:
  • ISO 45001 for Health and Safety management
  • ISO 9001 for Quality management
  • ISO 14001 for Environmental management
Services provided along with high level qualifications / experience of key personnel.
  • General operations relief (water, sewage and recycled water treatment plants and significant trunk pipelines)
  • Commissioning support and operational readiness reviews
  • Operational advice and reviews (water, sewage and recycled water treatment plants and network interfaces)
  • Process, mechanical, electrical and control engineering and design services
  • Asset Management and Maintenance Management Planning
  • Specialist maintenance delivery for treatment plants and trunk pipelines
  • Capital works and capital maintenance project management
  • Preventative maintenance and servicing

Key personnel include:

David Ollerton – Regional Operations Manager

30 years of operational experience in the water industry, including a number of technical and management roles in maintenance, operations and project delivery. He is also very experienced in mobilisation and transition management for water sector O&M contracts and has a wealth of experience managing, operating and maintaining a portfolio of multiple water and sewage treatment plants and associated infrastructure. His instrumentation trade background also provides him with an intimate understanding of maintenance planning and service delivery requirements.

Dan Robertson - Service Manager
  • Qualified Electrician
  • Certificate IV Electrical Contractors
  • Over 15 years’ experience in chemical dosing, gas chlorination & Instrumentation service and installation

26 Water and wastewater treatment operators and maintainers

6 Technicians, all qualified tradespeople

Current organisational policy in relation to travel (assuming that COVID-19 restrictions can be relaxed for essential services, but also the need to protect staff)

TRILITY has implemented a Business Continuity Plans on all operational sites as well as for our Service teams. These plans recognise that we support Local Governments in delivering essential services and facilitate travel to extent allowable by regulations, airline schedules and individual client requirements. These plans are available on request detailing the specific precautions our teams have in place when working on client sites.

Pricing policy

TBC on case by case basis, depending on seniority required, location, duration, timing and requirements. For relief services we will seek to minimise costs by leveraging our existing Queensland operational teams where possible.

Disbursements (accommodation, travel, meals etc) can either be built into a single hourly rate (including labour) or charged separately

Consumables are generally charged at cost +15%

Any other information you would like to add?

We are always happy to consider requests for potential relief operational services or preventative / reactive specialty maintenance and servicing. We will be honest and rapid in our response about our ability to help. We are able to provide services where they are located within a serviceable distance of our existing operational teams at Northern Peninsula Area, Townsville, Gladstone Region and SEQ. Our main constraint during COVID restrictions is availability and schedule for air travel to locations which are more than reasonable driving distance from one of these locations.

Name of Provider Viridis Consultants
Contact Details:

Address: 17/23 Breene Place, Morningside QLD 4170

Phone: 1300 799 350



Hours of business

8am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Please summarise any accreditations / QA processes

ISO 9001:2015 third-party certified

Corporate members of qldwater and WIOA

Services provided along with high level qualifications / experience of key personnel. Viridis specialises in water quality management for drinking, recycled and wastewater. We have a multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists.
Over the last year we have been providing a virtual water quality management team to service providers in NSW and Qld. This gives providers access to an experienced team of water quality professionals providing:
  • Troubleshooting and support for operational and water quality issues
  • Training of staff in key operational and water quality aspects
  • Mentoring of junior staff
  • Support for water quality incidents
  • Water quality data management
    • Regular review of data
    • Enter data into a database or spreadsheet
    • Water quality reports to identify issues and showing trends
  • Manage compliance matters, develop a compliance calendar for EAs and approvals and undertake annual reporting, reviews etc
  • Manage licencing and compliance matters for EAs and approvals.
  • Review and develop CCPs and SOPs to ensure that adequate procedures are in place for the management of systems and processes. Essential if alternative staffing will be utilised.

Viridis maintains a database of trained water and wastewater operators. These are casual staff that can provide long or short-term relief. Operators are located around the state and individual terms are to be agreed before deployment.

Key personnel high-level details are as follows:
  • James Howey MSc (Env Man), BSc (Chem) Lead Water QMS Auditor, 20 years industry experience.
  • Tasleem Hasan MSc (Chem), BSc (Chem/Maths) Lead Water QMS Auditor, 15 years industry experience.
  • Karen Pither BSc (Ecology) Lead Water QMS Auditor, 15 years water and environmental experience.
  • Scott Prenzler BEng (Env) 18 years industry experience, including Team Leader with the regulator.
  • Stan Stevenson Grad Cert (Water Care) 30 years water and wastewater operations coordinator.
  • Stacey Edwards BEng (Chem & Env) 2 years experience including water treatment pilot plant operation.
Current organisational policy in relation to travel (assuming that COVID-19 restrictions can be relaxed for essential services, but also the need to protect staff)

Viridis’ current policy is that all services, except relief operators will be delivered virtually. We utilise MS Teams for the effective communication between parties. Other options are also available, we will develop a solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

This will be constantly reviewed to ensure the safety of staff and clients.Once travel restrictions are eased, we will also provide onsite support to mentor and train staff as well as troubleshoot, maintain onsite documentation and implement improvements.

Once travel restrictions are eased, we will also provide onsite support to mentor and train staff as well as troubleshoot, maintain onsite documentation and implement improvements.

Pricing policy

All jobs are quoted on hourly rates.

Where a 12-month service agreement is entered into a 10 – 20% discount is applied on normal rates, depending on the volume of work. This provides great value for money, not only is the hourly rate cheaper, but due to our ongoing involvement it also takes less time to perform tasks.

Relief operators are provided on a weekly rate and this is determined using the award, travel and accommodation costs and a placement fee.

Any other information you would like to add?

During this time of uncertainty, it is essential that processes and systems are up to date. To ensure that if key staff have a prolonged absence that relief staff can step in.

The service that Viridis offers supports operational staff to deliver safe drinking water.

Download the Viridis Capability Statement.