Drinking Water Quality Management Plans

Drinking Water Quality Management Plans (DWQMPs) are an essential element of the regulatory framework introduced by the drinking water regulator starting in 2009. The plans are designed to reflect the best practice process outlined in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) as a risk based approach to transparently managing the quality of potable water suppliers main product. This is a critical process for the urban water industry which delivers a food-grade product to customers homes around the clock.

The transition to DWQMPs from the planning arrangements previously practiced by service providers has been lessened by:

  • spreading the requirements over time (large providers due 2011, medium 2012 and small in 2013),
  • mapping the Queensland guidelines to other risk frameworks (e.g. ADWG, HACCP, AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009),
  • providing templates, training and assistance to small and medium service providers.

Information provided to assist service providers complete their DWQMP should be sourced directly from the DNRME website.  There have been numerous changes to reporting requirements and guidelines since the introduction of the plans and it is important to refer to this site for the most current versions. 

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