Grants and Funding

After removing the WASP (Water and Sewerage Program) and SCAP (Small Community Assistance Program) funding which had supported water industry infrastructure across the state, the Queensland 2009/10 State Budget committed $496.9 million to councils to support all essential community infrastructure. The Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program started in July 2011 but supported few water and sewerage capital works projects.

In the 2012 State election program the LGAQ 10 point plan requested the return of targeted funding for water and sewerage infrastructure but from 2012-15 state funding for water and sewerage was sporadic, coming mostly from Royalties for Regions.

In 2015 the LGAQ 10 point plan again requested the return of targeted funding for water and sewerage but none of the parties included specific funding in their election commitments.

At this stage, local government are eligible to apply for the National Stronger Regions Funding for infrastructure projects which provide economic benefit and have an identifiable and sustainable impact on a region. The NSRF will match up to $10M in capital funding to increase access to water and waste services, support improved water management or enhance irrigation services. Routine upgrades and repairs will not be funded. See for more information.

For skills-related funding opportunities see State and National Skills Initiatives.