Events Program 2012 - Presentations

We would like to thank all our presenters who shared their experiences through case studies and personal experiences. Some of the presentations are provided as PDF documents - please contact qldwater if you would like to get in touch with any of our presenters and we will forward any requests on to them.

Venue Speaker Presentation
Maroochydore Partha Susarla, Strategic Planning Manager, Strategic Planning and Asset Management, Infrastructure Services Division, Unitywater Case study on Total Water Cycle Management Planning at Unitywater including an overview of the joint project between Unitywater, Moreton Bay Regional Council and Sunshine Coast Council that recently won a Storm Water Industry Award.
Peter McTaggart, SunWater Project Manager, Connors River Dam and Michael Grosser, Partner, Holding Redlich An overview of the Connors River Dam project
Ben Goodall, Strategic Planner, Unitywater, Infrastructure Services Division Case study on Unitywater and DERM innovatively pushing the traditional sewage treatment plant (STP) licencing/ upgrading boundaries including traditional licensing triggers to plant upgrades; costs of recent upgrades; drivers pushing Unitywater to think “outside” the norm including wetlands; cooperation between DERM and Unitywater; and the way forward.
Dr Helen Stratton, Smartwater Research Centre Overview of Rural and Regional Water Security project.
Charleville  Russell Hood – Director of Engineering Services, Murweh Shire Council Overview of Murweh Shire water and sewerage schemes.
Neil Judd, CEO, South West NRM Progress on Healthy Waters Management Plans in the SW catchments and across the Queensland Murray Darling Basin and Carp management work in the Warrego River
Graham McKeon, Coordinator Management Systems, Water Operations, Toowoomba Regional Council Overview on Toowoomba Drinking Water Quality Management Plans
Emerald David Karrol, Manager - Water & Sewerage, Central Highlands Regional Council Water Management from a New Zealand perspective
Peter McTaggart, SunWater Project Manager, Connors River Dam and Michael Grosser, Partner, Holding Redlich As per Maroochydore presentation above.
Longreach John Roworth, Director of Infrastructure Services, Longreach Regional Council Longreach Mains Replacement Project: An ECI Model
Mike Donald, Manager Engineering Services, Barcaldine Regional Council Watering the Outback
Thomas Bean, Manager, GABSI, Department of Environment and Resource Management Update on the GABSI program
Bowen Ian Clarke, Director of Engineering Services, Etheridge Shire Council Case Study: Is 'User Pay' possible for a remote town water supply?
James Stewart, Whitsunday Regional Council Whitsunday Regional Council's Challenges in Water and Sewerage Management
Michael Lever – Leveredge Safe Water
Cairns> Lynne Powell, Sustainability Coordinator, Water and Waste, Cairs Regional Council Indigenous Partnerships - Obstacles and Opportunities
David Karroll, Manager - Water & Sewerage, Central Highlands Regional Council Disinfection by Chlorination