GBA Consulting Engineers

GBA Consulting Engineers

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GBA Consulting Engineers is an engineering consultancy based in Barcaldine, Western Queensland. Founded in 1945, our firm has amassed a vast array of experience in consulting on and managing engineering services throughout Queensland, including engineering and design; project management; building consultancy; environmental and cultural heritage; and surveying and drone tech. We work on a wide variety of services for private clients, local Councils, Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Health, and other Government Agencies. We strive to improve the lives of people in regional and remote communities.

 Our engineers travel to and from job sites spread across 29% of the land mass of Queensland, stretching from the Northern Territory and South Australia borders to the east coast. To support this growth, we've opened offices in Emerald (2013) and Rockhampton (2020) to continue providing first-class service to the Central Highlands and Capricornia regions. 

Given the vast area we cover in our practice, our team is very attuned to being resourceful and creative to ensure planning and delivery of projects under difficult circumstances of extremes in remoteness and temperature variations. 

GBA Consulting Engineers' success is based on teams of diverse, dedicated people whose expertise and experience ensure quality and flexibility. This allows us to provide optimum client satisfaction through innovation and excellence. We provide our workforce with a challenging, social and balanced career opportunity, attracting strong skill sets from graduates to senior engineers with a variety of projects, services and locations. 

We are associated with IPWEAQ, Engineers Australia, Consult Australia and qldwater, accredited with the Department of Transport and Main Roads and Local Buy and certified by JAS-ANZ in Quality, Environment and Safety. 

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