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Provider Details Hunter H2O

Address: Level 6, 288 Edward St, Brisbane QLD 4000
Phone 02 4941 5000
Website: www.hunterh2o.com.au
8.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday
Please summarise any accreditations/ QA processes
Hunter H2O offers a number of senior and principal engineers who are accredited through the relevant professional bodies. 
Auditing: WQMS Lead Auditor (Exemplar Global, formerly RABQSA).
Food Safety (HACCP): Food Safety Management Systems RABQSA-FS
Hunter H2O has an integrated Business Management System including triple certification with Quality Certified to ISO9001, Work Health & Safety Certified to AS4801 and Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001. 
The Quality Management, Safety Management and Environmental Management System’s registration scope covers the provision of Engineering Consulting Services in the water industry and associated fields, including planning, environmental, survey, design, construction, project management, commissioning, and operational services.
Each of these systems are prominent in the project planning for each project and as such a project plan is developed to ensure the process meets the management system requirements and therefore the final product meets the requirements of our customer. 
Services provided Hunter H2O is one of the largest Australian private specialist consulting firms in the water industry. We operate across a broad range of water industry project types within the following diverse set of clients and geographies: Regional Water Authorities, Metropolitan Water Authorities, International, Private Sector Clients and Government Agencies.
We employ about 100 water industry specialists and forecast continual growth through building a strong presence around our major city offices in Brisbane, Newcastle and Adelaide, as well as a satellite office in Tamworth, NSW. 
We work alongside our clients to integrate:
  • Advisory and planning
  • Asset Management
  • Design
  • Digital and SCADA technologies
  • Process engineering
  • Project Management
  • Operations Support
To your greatest water challenges.
Hourly Rates We work with our clients to develop scopes of work that meet the needs of our client with being as efficient as possible. We aim to create pricing structures that are both transparent and flexible and are able to offer fixed fee, hourly rates and discounts for longer full-time positions/projects such as secondments. 
Please give an indication of the qualifications and experience of your personnel – e.g. manager, senior staff, technicians.
Matthew Bloomfield, Principal Process Engineer (BEng, WQMS Auditor)
Clara Laydon, Senior Process Engineer (BEng, WQMS Lead Auditor and Skills Assessor)
We currently have a national team of 29 process engineers, including 4 based in our Brisbane office.
Any other information you would like to add?
As a specialist water industry firm that focuses specifically on water and wastewater assets we are committed to matching your needs with the impressive skillset of our resource pool across three Australian states. Should there be a service we do not currently specialise in we integrate a partnership approach to ensure you have access to the best local talent to solve your problem or enhance your communities’ outcomes. We will ensure to seek your input and permission prior to engaging any subconsultants/contractors.