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Provider Details WaterOne
Principal: Ralph Woolley

Address: 4 Stanley Street Booval Q 4304
Mobile: 0411854235
Email: wools999@hotmail.com
Opening times to suit client's needs and requirements
Please summarise any accreditations/ QA processes
Audit training, quality management
Services provided Audit of treatment plant processes
Development of improvement plans
Project management
Hourly Rates Generally as per hourly rate, see attached guide, and then as discussed with the client.
Please give an indication of the qualifications and experience of your personnel – e.g. manager, senior staff, technicians.
Sole provider/consultant:Water One Ralph Woolley CV
Bachelor of Applied Science (Applied Chemistry)
Graduate Diploma in Management
Experience in water and wastewater fields
Any other information you would like to add?
Recent experience in large capital projects, concept development, EIS preparation and completion.