Queensland Water Directory Laboratory Services Mackay

Provider Details Mackay Regional Council Laboratory Services

Email: labenquiries@mackay.qld.gov.au
Phone: 07 4961 9042
Address: 89 Connors Road Paget, QLD 4740
Website: MRC Laboratory
Hours of business (for receipt of samples)
8:00am - 4:30pm M-F
Sample Reception hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 2.30pm (outside of these to be prior arranged)
Do you offer external laboratory services? MRC Laboratory provide sampling and laboratory services to a number of regional councils, local business and are available to external customers. Samples include potable water, wastewater, trade waste, groundwater, surface water, swimming pool water, environmental monitoring and biosolid analysis.
Summary of the lab's accreditations/ QA processes
MRC Laboratory is NATA accredited to ISO 17025 for sampling, chemical and microbiological analysis across a range of matrices including drinking water, wastewater, environmental waters, trade waste and swimming pools.
The current scope of capability is available on the NATA website Chemistry Scope and Microbiology Scope.
Analytical services provided - drinking water Raw water and reticulated drinking water is analysed for a number of regional councils, commercial and residential customers. A wide range of chemical and microbiological analysis is performed and assessed to meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG)
Analytical services provided - sewerage/ recycled water Sewage, recycled water and biosolid analysis is performed for a number of regional councils and commercial customers for licence requirements and marine sewage against the guidelines.
Plans to offer further services or specialisations in future MRC Laboratory continually reviews methods and new technologies to improve performance and scope of capability to meet regulatory, environmental and customer requirements. Method development is underway to expand our pathogen and PCR services and increase the scope of volatile organic compounds.
Summary of pricing policy A pricelist is available and quotes can be prepared for projects or contracts. Sample bottles and eskies are included in the service.
Qualifications and experience of laboratory personnel Laboratory staff are experienced in sampling, chemistry and microbiology methods with qualifications ranging from Cert IV in Lab Techniques through to Bachelor of Science and PhDs.
Additional documentation MRC Laboratory provide local services to the Mackay and surrounding regions.
The laboratory relocated from the Nebo Road WTP to a newly fitted out laboratory at 89 Connors Road, Paget in 2019.