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Provider Details Townsville Laboratory Services

Townsville Laboratory Services

Douglas Water Treatment Plant, Angus Smith Drive, Townsville QLD 4810

Ph: 07 4727 8666

Hours of business (for receipt of samples)
7:30am - 3:30pm M-F
Do you offer external laboratory services? Yes
Summary of the lab's accreditations/ QA processes
NATA (Chemical 14698, Biological 14699)
Analytical services provided - drinking water Complete Chemical (including disinfection by products) and Microbiological.
Analytical services provided - sewerage/ recycled water Complete Chemical and Microbiological.
Plans to offer further services or specialisations in future Method development for MIB and Geosmin, Oxyhalides, Hydrocarbon speciation, BTEX and other organic compounds are in the final stages.
Summary of pricing policy Fixed per analysis.
Qualifications and experience of laboratory personnel The laboratory scientists’ qualifications range from Bachelor of Science to PhD degrees. The lab assistants are in the process of completing their Cert IV in Lab Techniques.
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