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How to reset your password with qldwater

If you have lost your password, please follow the instructions below to reset your password.

For security reasons, it's not possible for us to advise you of your password, we simply don't have access to see or make changes to your password. If you have lost your password, you'll need reset it from the Reset password page.  Please note that the reset token link sent via email is valid for 24 hours only. 

Reset password

From the reset password page, follow the onscreen instructions by entering the email address you've had validated with qldwater.

Enter your email to start request to reset your password

You will receive an email with the subject "qldwater Website | Reset your password" and the contents of the email will look like this -

Email sent for resetting your password will look like this

Click on the RESET PASSWORD button or copy the button link and paste the button link to your browser.

Each password reset request is assigned a unique token which is added to the link. This token will expire within 2 hours.

A new page will appear through a web browser with the window to enter your new password credentials.

Enter a new password. Click the Reset Password button.

Screen to enter your new password

A confirmation screen will appear confirming a successful reset.

Click the button"Go to Member log in" where you can now log in with your new password. 

Reset Password Confirmation Screen

Site changes in early 2020

We have undertaken a lot of changes to our website in 2020.  There may still be cached items on your system that reverts back to the old website. If this happens, please remove all previous cookies in the Settings menu on your web browser. If you are not sure how to do this, search "Clear Browsing Data". Select the Download history, Cached images and files and Cookies and other site data . Then click Clear Browsing Data button. 

Clear your web browser history

Need more help with your password reset?

If you are still experiencing issues with your log in after following this procedure, please contact us for assistance.