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The Sewerage network is generally taken to be comprised on the sewage collection network (sewerage pipes leading from private, commercial and public premises), sewage pumping stations and inspection points and sewage treatment and reuse or disposal processes. Sewage treatment is also known as wastewater treatment.

Environmentally Relevant Activity 63 (ERA 63) in the Environmental Protection Regulations (EP Regs 2008) includes the operation of Sewage Treatment and also large sewage pumping stations in order to regulate potential environmental harm from discharges, reuse or overflows. Overflows from the sewerage network and pumping stations may occur in wet weather when sewage flows are increased from illegal connections to the network and because of stormwater infiltration. Sewerage systems are designed to overflow at selected points when necessary to prevent back-up of sewage and reduce the potential for spills within private premises.

Based on DERM guidelines and industry contributions qldwater distributed Sewage Overflow Guidelines and a template in 2010 for Service Providers to create individual Sewer Overflow Policies. These guidelines included a template for a Sewerage Incident Emergency Response Manual.

ARCHIVE Sewer Overflows Policy - Release Date 24-Jun-2010: - Editable version of the Sewer Overflow Policy and Supporting Technical Guidelines and the Sewerage Incident Emergency Response Manual. This two part document expands on State Government Guidelines to provide steps Service Providers can follow to meet their General Environmental Duty to reduce overflows and resultant environmental impacts. | Companion document of the Sewerage Incident Emergency Response Manual | (1641KB)

Sewage Incident Response Manual - Release Date 02-Apr-2010: - Industry template for a WSP-specific manual for responding to sewage overflow incidents and meet Queensland environmental legislation. Created by qldwater with input from members. | Available for modification by members. |

qldwater has also created the Wet and Dry Well Inspection and Maintenance Manual to assist members with operations and Maintenance of pumping stations.

Wet and Dry Well Maintenance Manual - Release Date 04-Dec-2009: - Manual and template for best practice maintenance of wet and dry well pumping stations. Created by qldwater for use by members. | Available for update by members. |

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