Skills state initiatives

State Initiatives

Queensland Water Skills Partnership


Key organisations

Skills Queensland

Skills Queensland is a statutory authority established in 2011 with a focus on aligning Queensland's skills system with the needs of employers, individuals, industry and the community, to alleviate skilll shortages and better position Queensland to address future skills needs.  It is responsible for administering a number of programs including Skills Formation Strategies.

Department of Education and Training

The Queensland Department of Education and Training is the State Department responsible for managing education and training including schools and public registered training organisations.  DET administers a large number of programs including traineeships (for example User Choice) of relevance to the water industry.

Department of Environment and Resource Management

 DERM is the key regulator for the urban water industry in Queensland (along with Queensland Health).  It is a signatory to a Memorandum of Agreement with the Local Government Association of Queensland and Queensland Water Directorate which has strategies to address skilling issues for the industry as a key program.

Funding programs

User Choice Traineeships

The Queensland Department of Education and Training has approved training delivered under the water operations package to be "Priority One" for User Choice Traineeships at both the Certificate II and III level.  This means all new and existing employees are eligible.  The process for accessing these traineeships:

1. Choose an RTO.  Details of those eligible to deliver these traineeships are available here by typing in the search phrase "NWP" and clicking on the RTO links.  NWP20107 is for Cert II and NWP30107 is Cert III.  Details of each RTO's specialisations, delivery and costs are available here.  Contact if you are interested in training offered by an RTO which is not registered for User Choice.
2.  Contact them and ask for a quote based on the number of people you have, advising that your people will be eligible for a User Choice traineeship.  The quote will need to have a compulsory student services fee, a cost for the training, plus costs for travel/ face to face delivery if that is what you require.  Agree on a price and level of service.
3.  Contact the Australian Apprenticeships Centre servicing your region by typing in your postcode here. The AAC will arrange to complete documentation required for signing the trainee up and assess eligibility for other funding, including Commonwealth incentives.
4. The AAC will confirm approval and the training can commence.

Costs will vary depending on the qualification chosen, number of trainees, amount of face to face delivery and other factors.  Contact for assistance in interpreting your quotes.

Strategic Investment Fund

Skills Queensland is administering the SIF which will provide up to $50 million of funding per year to provide industry and enterprises with the capacity to directly influence where public funding for skills and workforce development is invested, as well as to shape the nature of the strategies implemented.

Key priorities for the fund include:

•  improving the qualifications profile by providing certificate III or higher qualifications to Queenslanders without a trade, tertiary or training qualification
•  improving the productivity of the existing workforce through higher level training linked to post-trade, technical and other critical occupations, and pathways to higher education
•  supporting the development of trade skills to address critical industry skills shortages, inlcuding pathways into apprenticeships
•  improving access to training opportunities for Indigenous Queenslanders
•  increasing non-government investment in VET in Queensland