SWIM Benefits

Why should Service Providers use SWIM

Every year Water Service Providers are required to respond to data requests by many Government Departments (such as DNRME, BoM, NPR and ABS), sometimes providing the same data in different formats, at different times, to more than one Department. 

SWIM makes it easier for Service Providers to meet these data reporting requirements by coordinating the data requests of Government departments into a single data request.

Service Providers who use SWIM submit their annual water and sewerage data only once per year. The data is then sent to the right departments, at the correct time and in their particular format.

SWIM will provide the following benefits to Water Service Providers:

  • streamlined reporting of State and Commonwealth department reporting requirements
  • easier internal control of data requests: version control is not necessary as SWIM allows access to multiple staff simultaneously, saving the data input by each of them, and allows revisits to add more or modify the data until satisfied the data entered is final
  • comparisons against similar Qld Service Providers via benchmarking (incentive for improvement to industry standards, increase sustainability of services)
  • provision of data in a format useful for internal management of water assets (e.g. at the scale of scheme, rather than whole of Council)
  • provision of historical data for use in WSP business management
  • up-to-date reporting requirements (changes will occur – new/loss of indicators)
  • protocols for end-users (such as the Queensland Government) to modify reporting requirements, i.e. for adding/removing indicators, improved definitions. An agreed procedure will avoid ad hoc changes