LG Asset Management Plans

Mandatory LG Long-term Asset Management Plans were created in 2010 under the Local Government Act 2009 and then simplified in 2012 with the Local Government Regulation 2012 (the Regulation). These plans cover all council assets and link with the long-term financial forecast required under section 171 the Regulation. 

When these asset management plans were introduced, qldwater and LGAQ advocated for a focused mechanism for water and sewerage asset management planning that recognised the existence of a large number of mandatory statutory plans under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008, particularly Strategic Asset Management Plans and Total Management Plans. Unfortunately, the different time-frames and purposes of each of the requirements mean that, in many cases the two statutory plans have been created by councils but are not well linked.

Asset Management Plan Coverage

The Long-Term Asset Management Plans cover all Council assets including water and sewerage infrastructure and must:

  1. provide for strategies to ensure the sustainable management of council infrastructure and assets mentioned in the asset register*, and
  2. state the estimated capital expenditure for renewing, upgrading and extending the assets for the period covered by the plan; and
  3. be integrated with the long-term financial forecast.

*An Asset Register is one of the Financial Management Documents required under s.180 of the Regulation.

Approval and Reporting Requirements

The asset management plan is approved by the Council. Reporting is undertaken though the Council’s Annual Report. 


There are no specific penalties associated with completion of long-term asset management plans.

When are they required?

Communication with all councils on a new framework for asset management was underway in 2010/11 (e.g. Asset Management Advancement Program 2011-2012) with the aim of having Long-Term Asset Management Plans ready for budgeting processes by the beginning of 2012. Simplification of the system in 2012 saw most Councils complete these plans during the year. The plans cover at least 10 years but must be updated annually.

Interaction with Other Plans and Regulatory Requirements

Strategic Asset Management Plans (SAMPs) overlap with the LG Asset Management Plan requirements. A well prepared SAMP will meet many of the aims of Local Government Asset Management Plans for water assets. LG AMPs may also overlap significantly with Total Management Plans which were created as comprehensive planning and management documents for many Service Providers. qldwater is working with the industry, LGAQ and Regulators to rationalise and streamline overlapping reporting requirements

Summary Facts - SAMPs

  Mandatory Yes
  Relevant Period 2011- present  
  Exemptions none
  Penalty Provisions


  Penalty Units N/A
  Approved no
  Reporting Annual Report 

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