Bligh Tanner

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Bligh Tanner is a structural, façade, civil, environmental and water engineering consultancy distinguished by its high level of expertise, personalised service and reputation for delivering innovation on all projects.

Since 1992, Bligh Tanner has been responsible for some of Australia’s most innovative and complex engineering projects, from multimillion dollar special structures, through to world leading integrated water management systems.

Featured to the left is a short documentary that takes a viewer on a tour of one of Bligh Tanner’s leading projects, Small Creek Naturalisation.

This is a multi award winning project, showcasing innovative design strategies which have led the way for projects across Australia.⁠

⁠Leading the documentary is Principal Engineer and Director of Civil and Water, Alan Hoban. In mid 2020 Alan was awarded Queensland Engineer of the Year, citing his involvement with projects which provide outstanding examples of innovation and resourcefulness.

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