Queensland Live Mains Tapping Competition 2018

Following the successful Queensland Live Mains Tapping competition held last year in Logan, qldwater in conjunction with WIOA announce the 2018 competition will again be held held at this year’s Queensland WIOA conference and exhibition at Logan on 6 June.

The 2016 SEQ Mains Tapping title was taken out by the City of Gold Coast – completing the task in an impressive 1 minute and 49 seconds to finish ahead of challengers from Queensland Urban Utilities and Logan Water.

In 2017 the competition was opened up to entrants from all of Queensland with the City of Gold Coast teams Tapping Tubbies duo (Trent Roberts and Spencer Stacey) and “ Kool Tappings (Matt Pochadyla and Daniel Lee) finishing ahead of teams from Queensland Urban Utilities, Logan City and Redland City Councils. The winning time was only a couple of seconds faster than 2016 at a very fast 1 minute and 47 seconds.

The prize this year is again sponsored by Ixom and the winning team and runner up receive a unique perpetual trophy for 12 months. The winning team receive a trophy each to keep and the opportunity to nominate a local charity to receive a $1,000 donation, kindly sponsored by IXOM.

Last years winners: The City of Gold Coast teams, runners up Kool Tappings (Matt Pochadyla and Daniel Lee) and winners Tapping Tubbies (Trent Roberts and Spencer Stacey).


  1. Two person teams compete in time trials consisting of two teams competing at a time. (maximum of 8 rounds to be held)
  2. Each team prior to the start of the timed competition a safe work method statement is to be completed by each team and reviewed by the judge.
  3. Each team member must wear appropriate PPE. (Long sleeves, long trousers, gloves, safety glasses)
  4. Each team is supplied with the necessary tools and fittings to complete a 20mm water tapping on a 100mm DICL pipe, including a length of water service and stop valve.
  5. The teams will carry out an under pressure tapping through a TPFNR and connect length of poly pipe and a ball valve.
  6. It is up to the team members to check all tools and fittings are working prior to competition. Equipment failure is deemed the fault of competitors.
  7. A starting whistle will sound and the competitors may start the process of tapping the water main.
  8. The time keepers will time the competitors using stop watches (one for each team).
  9. The 2 man team install the tapping band and ferrule on the 100mm pipe, tap the water main, install 1 metre of poly pipe and install a ball valve on the end of the poly. When completed the ball valve is turned off.
  10. When a team has finished they must turn water off at ball valve and return all tools to the tool box shut the lid and hold up their hand, the time will be stopped.
  11. The tapping will be inspected for leaks, if no leaks occur the time is recorded:
  12. Penalties for faulty tapping’s:
  • Leak on service connection
  • Tapping not through pipe wall
  • No water from service
  • All tools not in box

When the tapping is complete and inspected the winning time will be recorded, the fastest time recorded on the day will be announced the competition winner.


The tapping will be on a pressurised section of 100mm DICL pipe, set up on a stand, and pressurised from a water tank or supply.

Tapping must be completed without electrical or pneumatic tools or devices.

The following tools and fittings will be supplied on the day. A tapping machine tool box with the following inside:

  • 1 x 100mm (gun metal) tapping band
  • 1 x 20mm bonnet ferrule cock
  • 1 Metre of 25mm od poly pipe
  • 1 X 20mm ball valve.
  • 1 tapping machine with new drill bit
  • Footprints
  • 1 ring/open end spanner
  • 1 wooden paddle
  • 1 roll of thread tape

The competition again promises to be a conference highlight. A warning – the Gold Coast winners are coached by a current Australian champion, so practice will be essential to topple them.

There spaces for up to 16 teams and we are keen to see some competition for Gold Coast from outside SEQ!

What you need to do to enter the competition

  • A “clean” name for your team (which includes the organisation you are representing)
  • The names of the 2 competitors, and contact details
  • The name and contact details of your approving authority
  • Details of your preferred charity.

Travel and accommodation to and from the event is the responsibility of the entrants/ their employers.

Spots will be allocated on a first-in-best-dressed basis.  Entries will close on 18 May.

Photographs of the 2017 competition are available on the WIOA SmugMug site.