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Provider Details Clean It NQ Pty Ltd

13-17 Lorna Court, Mt St John, Townsville QLD 4818
PO Box 7362 Garbutt 4814
PH: 1300 880 822
FAX: 4774 8580
Hours of business (for receipt of samples)
24 hrs 7 days a week
Office Hours 0800-1700 Monday to Friday
Please summarise the services provided Cleanit Industrial Services specialises in delivering a range of high quality industrial cleaning services. These include the provision of:
Industrial Vacuum Loading services utilising vehicles that boasts more airflow and higher vacuum than anything in its class. They are capable of sucking wet and/or dry material without any changeover procedures. We have vehicles that have water bubbler and drybaghouse flitration systems. They are licensed to vacuum and transport regulated waste.
High Pressure Water Blasting services that deliver from 1850psi up to 40,000psi. This powerful equipment is used for cleaning condenser & boiler heat exchanger tubes, walls, roofs, tanks and heavy machinery, de-scaling operation plant, removing paint, degreasing and concrete demolition.
Confined Space services utilising high and ultra high water blasting equipment, volume water blasting at low pressures, vacuum loading, abrasing blasting and painting. We provide the highest quality filtered air to our operators and can supply our own ER team if required.
Low Pressure High Volume Blasting option (150Bar at 240lts/m) can be used for, drain and culvert cleaning; cutting tree root intrusions, pipe ferreting and operating plant wash down (drill rigs, crushers, plant spillage) 
Hydro-Excavation, water blasting & vacuum combination can be used for surveyors pilot holes, excavating around cable & pipe utilities, post hole removal & replacement (power poles to fence posts) and utility pits cleaning. 
Local Government Stormwater and Sewer Network Preventative Maintenance - clean and removal of residual build up in stormwater and sewerage infrastructure to extend their useful  life.
Oil and oily waste recovery waste oil and oily water is processed through our state of the art Townsville based processing plant to product a high quality refined oil suitable for use in boilers.
Amphibious slashing, aquatic weed removal and control, wet area access, helical utility pole anchoring
Cleanit Industrial Services also supplies a range of high quality products that includes the:
Bio-Smart environmentally friendly spill control systems; and
Mattrack tyre to track conversion technology that provides unprecedented mobility and traction in mud, sand, snow and swampy environments.
Please summarise the accreditations/ QA processes
ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001
Do you have plans to offer further services or specialisations in future? Abrasive Blasting and Industrial Coatings
Please summarise your pricing policy Clean It NQ considers pricing from a whole of operation perspective which allows Clean It NQ to earn a rate of return on its resources including plant, equipment and human that is commensurate with the risks involved to deliver its services. 
Clean It’s Schedule of Rates is available here.
Please give an indication of the qualifications and experience of your staff? Established in Townsville in 2001, Clean It Industrial Services specialises in delivering client orientated industrial services to the highest standard with a combined industry experience of over 60 years. 
Clean It’s Executive Team maintain formal qualifications in OH&S and Environmental Management. We maintain two Workplace Assessors and have developed an internal training program for our operators to ensure the highest quality of workmanship on your job site.
Past users/references BHP Billiton - Ergon Energy – Telstra – Thiess Waste Services - Xstrata Copper Australia - Shell Australia - Newmont Mining - Queensland Rail - Townsville City Council - Queensland Port Authority – Spotless – Australian Defence Forces – MMG Mining – Local Councils around Australia – QNI – TEI Industries – Pacific Marine Group – BP Australia – Leighton’s – Main Roads – Rio Tinto – Roadtek – Sucrogen Sugar – FNQ Sugar – Bundaberg Sugar.
Any other information you want to add? Clean It Industrial Services maintains liability insurances for the following disciplines:
Public Liability: $20,000,000
Registered Machinery Liability: $20,000,000
Worker’s Compensation: Full amount employer’s liability
Additional documentation Clean It Capability Statement