Queensland Water Directory - Relief Operator Services

This page hosts details of individuals and organisations able to provide relief water and wastewater operator services to metropolitan and regional Queensland. It may also include advertisements/ notifications of water service providers seeking this type of assistance.

If you are interested in being included in the listing as providing these services or added to the distribution list for future notifications, please contact dcameron@qldwater.com.au.

Provider Details Simmonds & Bristow
Contact Details:
Sales & Customer Service
1800 620 690
Email sales@simmondsbristow.com.au

Gary Green
Operations & Maintenance Manager
0438 433 762
Email garyg@simmondsbristow.com.au

Address: Simmonds & Bristow Brisbane Office: 40a Reginald Street, Rocklea QLD 4106

Web Site: www.simmondsbristow.com.au
Services available:
Simmonds and Bristow have been providing over many decades experienced, qualified trained and specialised relief plant operators for Drinking Water, Wastewater, Recycled Water and Water Treatment from Cape to Coast, Island to Outback to cover your permanent staff when:
  • on leave
  • at training or
  • awaiting replacement
Our relief operators can also be deployed to provide you with back-up operator/s during:
  • major events or
  • maintenance programs

When you work with us, you put your plant in the hands of a Registered Labour Hire Provider LHL‐02237‐P3R5M (Queensland Government) this protects your organisation, as heavy penalties apply if you engage or provide labour without this Licence in Queensland.

  • Be aware of non-licenced providers as this can leave you and your business at risk of prosecution
  • Our Licence provides you with protection and peace of mind
  • Avoid costly fines for further information visit www.labourhire.qld.gov.au
S&B Operators are:
  • Cert III Qualified Sewage and Water Operations
  • Highly Experienced
  • Extremely Skilled
  • Knowledgeable
  • Control and Process adjustment
  • Self-Manage
  • Full support of the knowledgeable and highly practised S&B team of Engineers, Scientists and Operations professionals.

Our Operator duties comprise but not exclusive to:

  • Sampling and daily testing
  • Dosing of plant chemicals
  • Day to day monitoring of plants/equipment
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment monitoring
  • Keeping and maintaining records
  • Troubleshooting any unforeseen circumstances
  • Taking necessary reading throughout the day
  • Mentoring of Junior operators
All you need do is email to engage our services: Tell us about your site, who you need, how long for and the roster they will work to sales@simmondsbristow.com.au
Hourly Rates (Ex GST) We deliver industry-leading rates that are competitive and tailored to the site operational requirements.
Other Costs All Travel/Meals/Spare parts/Miscellaneous charges on request
Any other information you would like to add? We are looking for Experienced Operators
As we grow at S&B, we are always on the lookout for additional experienced operators. If you are looking for a role in our team of proficient and certified relief operators, please contact Gary Green 07 3434 3800 or email garyg@simmondsbristow.com.au

Simmonds & Bristow is a family-owned and operated company and pride ourselves being at the frontline water treatment consultancy in regional and remote Australia, including the South Pacific. We offer multiple discipline services to the water industry-backed by more than 50 years of knowledge and experience. S&B is ISO 90001 quality management accredited.

Engineering and Scientific Services:

At Simmonds & Bristow, it is important to us that our clients know that we are more than just talented individuals. We are a team of engineers and scientists with diverse backgrounds – and together, we are more than the sum of our (excellent) parts. Our experienced engineering consultancy team has successfully designed, commissioned, audited, upgraded, and monitored a variety of water and wastewater treatment plants all over Australia and its near neighbours.
S&B environmental consultancy comprises qualified and competent environmental scientists, who are practiced in a broad range of environmental services. As a NATA accredited facility, we take pride in the quality and stand by our methods. You can rest assured your results will be reliable and accurate.


Simmonds & Bristow offer the services of two RPEQ engineering professionals who strive to combine detailed technical and professional understanding and the wise application of that understanding that assist our clients with the right decisions. The Code of Practice binds RPEQs for Registered Professional Engineers.

Operations and Maintenance:

When you work with Simmonds & Bristow, you put your plant in the hands of the experts. Our trained plant operators are ready to step in as relief operators or even to completely run your plant (all with the full support of the entire Simmonds & Bristow team). We can also help you with your sampling and field service needs. We can provide a fully supported operator five days per week to comprehensively operate and maintain the client’s plant.

Fully Supported Routine Operations & Servicing:

Simmonds and Bristow can provide a fully supported operator five days per week to comprehensively operate and maintain the client’s plant. Operators have full back up support from our scientists and engineers at all times whether this over the phone or on-site as required.

Water Industry Training:

Training is a specialised and very personal journey; we at Simmonds and Bristow take pride in our training programs by ensuring our students have access to the most experienced and knowledgeable trainers. S&B has been providing training to the Water and Wastewater Industry for almost 25 years. Our training of your personnel to specific competency levels ensures organisations comply with two important statutory obligations, namely:
  • Prevent environmental harm; and
  • Be pro-active and exercise due diligence.

Simmonds & Bristow are a Registered Training Organisation (National Provider Code: 1735) delivering nationally recognised training in the new National Water Industry Training Package.

For further information on any of our services, please visit Simmonds & Bristow web site www.simmondsbristow.com.au

Provider Details TRILITY Pty Ltd


Brisbane office, Level 7, 217 George St, Brisbane, 4000.  Operational teams in SEQ, Townsville and Gladstone Region.

Website: www.trility.com.au

Contact: Dave Ollerton (Regional Operations Manager Qld)

Email: dollerton@trility.com.au

Phone: 07 3248 0600

Mobile: 0488 504 196

Yatala office and workshop: 27 Commerce Crescent, Yatala 4207

Contact: Dan Robertson, Service Manager Qld

Email: dan.robertson@trility.com.au

Phone: 07 3802 9500

Mobile: 0477 888 285

Operational teams in SEQ, Townsville, Gladstone Region and Northern Peninsula Area.

Accreditations / QA processes TRILITY’s management system is accredited to the following standards:
  • ISO 45001 for Health and Safety management
  • ISO 9001 for Quality management
  • ISO 14001 for Environmental management

Services available, including specialisations (e.g. water treatment, wastewater treatment, dam operations etc)

  • General operations relief (water, sewage and recycled water treatment plants and significant trunk pipelines)
  • Commissioning support and operational readiness reviews
  • Operational advice and reviews (water, sewage and recycled water treatment plants and network interfaces)
  • Process, mechanical, electrical and control engineering and design services
  • Asset Management and Maintenance Management Planning
  • Specialist maintenance delivery for treatment plants and trunk pipelines
  • Capital works and capital maintenance project management
  • Preventative maintenance and servicing

Key personnel include:

David Ollerton – Regional Operations Manager

30 years of operational experience in the water industry, including a number of technical and management roles in maintenance, operations and project delivery. He is also very experienced in mobilisation and transition management for water sector O&M contracts and has a wealth of experience managing, operating and maintaining a portfolio of multiple water and sewage treatment plants and associated infrastructure. His instrumentation trade background also provides him with an intimate understanding of maintenance planning and service delivery requirements.

Dan Robertson - Service Manager

  • Qualified Electrician
  • Certificate IV Electrical Contractors
  • Over 15 years’ experience in chemical dosing, gas chlorination & Instrumentation service and installation

26 Water and wastewater treatment operators and maintainers

6 Technicians, all qualified tradespeople

Hourly Rates TBC on case by case basis, depending on seniority required, location, duration, timing and requirements. For relief services we will seek to minimise costs by leveraging our existing Queensland operational teams where possible.
Other Costs
  • Disbursements (accommodation, travel, meals etc) can either be built into a single hourly rate (including labour) or charged separately
  • Consumables are generally charged at cost +15%
Any other information you would like to add? We are always happy to consider requests for potential relief operational services and will be honest and rapid in our response about our ability to help.  We are able to provide services where they are located within a serviceable distance of our existing operational teams at Townsville, Gladstone Region and SEQ.