Source Control Workshop 2021

Source control for emerging contaminants is an area that the qldwater Consortium for Research and Advocacy on Contaminants (qCRAC) has targeted for future action. This is because for some contaminants, for which treatment processes are complex and potentially costly, the most effective control method may be to control the chemical at the source before it enters the wastewater system. Interest in this area prompted this workshop, jointly hosted by qCRAC and SWEAP.

The workshop ran as a webinar on 21 October 2021 with six speakers providing a range of views on source control:

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The workshop was summarised by our facilitator Dr Rob Fearon into the following, which fits into the portfolio approach to emerging contaminants SAFETI framework:

Source control

  • ECs can’t be banned but lifecycle cost needs to be ‘baked in’ (block chain approach?)
  • Residential vs Trade - variable but needs to be incorporated into risk assessments and responses including regulation
  • Update and use ‘old powers’ (e.g. Trade waste legislation)


  • Methodologies and tools are continuously growing but so is the number and diversity of contaminants of (emerging) concern
  • We are unlikely to be able to keep pace (particularly given substitution)

Fate & Risks

  • Not well understood, desire for better links between guidelines and health and environmental targets
  • How relevant are these questions given pressure for no additional chemicals?

Education & Communications

  • DAWE is looking at education but there is no focus on labelling at present
  • Who is the polluter and how do they pay for ‘forever chemicals’?



  • ?? Can we work together more as a sector ??