Urban Water Legislation

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Drinking Water Quality Management Plans

These mandatory plans, introduced in 2009, require a risk assessment aligned to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and regular reporting of water quality. This framework brings Qld in line with national standards and is still being rolled out across the State.


Strategic Asset Management Plans

'SAMPs' were introduced in 2000 as a mandatory requirement for all except very small Service Providers. While many Councils rely on these plans, it is likely that they will become non-mandatory in the near future.


Fluoridation was mandated by the State in 2007 and by 2012, 87% of Queensland's population had fluoride in their water supply. A change of state government led to a relaxation of the requirements in mid 2012 and fluoridation is once again voluntary for many Service Providers.



System Leakage Management Plans

'SLMPs' were introduced in 2005 and completed by many Service Providers. In March 2011 the deadline for outstanding SLMPs was extended to 2013 and it is possible that these plans will be made non-mandatory.


Long-Term Asset Management Plans

Introduced under the Local Government Act in 2009 to cover all council assets, these plans need to articulate well with other plans (e.g. the SAMPTMP). Improving links between 'engineering' and 'financial' asset management plans is a critical goal for the Queensland industry.