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SWIM Training

This presentation by SWIM Program Manager Dr David Scheltinga provides an overview of SWIM and swimlocal and how to use the various tools. The presentations has been broken up into topics for ease of viewing.

Background Information

2020-21 Indicators and Timeframes

Using the Annual Data tools

Missing Data (MD), Not Relevant (NR) and Zero (0)

Publishing Data

Practical demo of Annual Data tool / Web ADT portal

swimlocal Training

How to create reports and dashboards using the swimlocal web reports tool:

How to fix a rejected swimlocal import file:



Queensland Government Key Performance Indicators (QG KPIs)

Queensland Government Drought and Water Security Reporting

National Performance Framework (NPR)

National NPR Indicator Review 2023

DRDMW Fact Sheet: Changes to reporting requirements - Participation in the National Performance Report

2023-24 Reporting
2024-25 Reporting

Bureau of Meteorology Category 7 annual water reporting (BoM Cat 7)

SWIM Data Retrieval Tool

Historical Information