QWRAP Regions

There are currently five regions that are eligible to receive funding through the QWRAP program. Three have created formal Water Alliances. The RAPAD Water Alliance, WIM Water Alliance, WBBROC Water Alliance as well as the DASB Regional group receive funding for a regional coordinator, whose role is to facilitate collaborative activities in the area of urban water for the alliance members. The fifth group FNQROC has elected to forgo funding for a regional coordinator but continues to work on technical water and sewerage issues identified as priorities through its technical group.

Other regions are also discussing  collaboration on water and sewerage issues. The NQROC, including Hinchinbrook, Charters Towers, Palm Island, Townsville and Burdekin councils, has been holding regular technical meetings for two years and some of the participating councils have engaged in joint projects. NQROC been invited to form a QWRAP Pilot Region to take advantage of the Regional Coordinator Funding relinquished by the FNQROC group. Three pilot regions self-selected to initially take part in QWRAP and were joined by a fourth group (based on the Whitsunday Regional Organisation of Councils) in October 2013. 


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Downs and Surat Basin Water Group


Far North Queensland ROC Water Alliance


Remote Area Planning and Development Water & Sewerage Alliance


Wide Bay Burnett ROC Water & Sewerage Alliance


Whitsunday Isaac Mackay Water Alliance