QWRAP Regions

Queensland is the second largest state in Australia and has a decentralised population with over 370 public water supplies some of which are extremely small and remote. Public water and sewerage services outside of South East Queensland are provided by 66 local governments. Many of these councils have agreed to participate in QWRAP and collaborate on management of providing services to their communities. There are currently nine regions at various stages of participation including:

  • four formal Water Alliances (RAPAD Water and Sewerage Alliance, WIM Water Alliance, WBB Urban Water Alliance and SWQ Water and Sewerage Alliance),
  • two regions with well-established technical groups (FNQROC and DASB) working on issues identified as priorities,
  • two Pilot Regions currently evaluating alternative regional collaboration models (North Queensland ROC and CQROC), and
  • one region (NWQLD) currently scoping participation as a Pilot Region.

The level of collaboration is assessed against a regional collaboration model, and each region is at a different level having joined the program at different times as shown in the video below.

See details about the QWRAP regions here