QWRAP Research

QWRAP research has focussed on a series of issues with the aim of informing council deliberation about regional collaboration and the importance of reform of the urban water industry. A common element has been the analysis of the costs, benefits, risks and opportunities associated with regionalisation of Queensland water and sewerage services

2020 - Asset Management Maturity Assessment. Independent assessment of asset management processes through survey of multiple regional councils.

2019 - Infrastructure Cliff? Queensland’s ageing water and sewerage assets. 2. Cost implications for in-ground assets.-  Research Report 5.2: In-ground asset costs analysis.

2018 – Infrastructure Cliff? Queensland’s ageing Water and Sewerage Assets.-  Research Report 5.1: In-ground asset age analysis.

2017 - Demand Management Case Studies - This report showcases demand management programs from regional Queensland.

2017 - Council Owned Water Services - Results from workshop on governance options for council controlled water services.

2016 - Modelling Water Demand. Research Report 4: Modelling Water Use in Regional Queensland (see also Water Demand Research)

2015 - Cost Drivers and KPIs. Research Report 3: Review of financial indicators and cost drivers for the Queensland urban water industry.

2015 - Review of Sustainable Models. Research Report 2: Review of urban water reform in Australia and overseas.

2011 - QWRAP Scoping Paper. Research Report 1: Review of drivers of urban water reform and alternative institutional models.