QWRAP is an industry-led initiative to investigate regional collaboration on water and sewerage services in regional Queensland. The program itself is a collaborative effort among the LGAQ, qldwater, the Queensland Government (through the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy) and over 25 participating councils. It provides a formal opportunity for councils to consider collaboration and alternative regional approaches for managing services. QWRAP has resulted in the formation of five regional collaboration areas, three of which have formed formal Water Alliances, and completion of numerous successful regional initiatives as well as a range of statewide activities and research projects.  

Development of QWRAP

LGAQ and qldwater have been working jointly on regional collaboration initiatives for the urban water industry since 2006 and this activity was brought into strong focus by council amalgamations in 2008, SEQ water reform in 2007-2013 and in 2011 with the release of three national reviews of the urban water industry that were critical of Queensland and NSW water sectors.

LGAQ and qldwater responded by developing the QWRAP and partnering with the Queensland Government which provided funding support between 2011 and 2018. In July 2018, the program was extended for four years by the state government with funding available for five QWRAP regions and an annual research project.

As well as supporting the program, state funding provides a 'bid-pool' to be accessed by participating councils to initiate high priority collaboration opportunities. Access to the bid pool requires matching funding from participating councils but to date, council contributions have far exceeded bid-pool contributions in recognition of the broad savings and community benefits provided.

QWRAP Regions

Three pilot regions self-selected to initially take part in QWRAP and were joined by a fourth group (based on the Whitsunday Regional Organisation of Councils) in October 2013. Three of these groups have formalised Regional Water Alliances. A fifth group based around the Downs and Surat Basin area commenced QWRAP discussions in 2015.


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Statewide QWRAP Activities and Research

As well as a range of communication activities, QWRAP has undertaken research into a series of issues to inform council deliberation about regional approaches and the importance of reform of the urban water industry. An important question raised by many local governments is "why is reform recommended and is it really necessary?". These questions have been addressed in a series of research papers (see below) and summarised here. A list of publications from QWRAP is provided below along with the summary of the key research outputs.

2019 - Infrastructure Cliff? Queensland’s ageing water and sewerage assets. 2. Cost implications for in-ground assets.-  Research Report 5.2: In-ground asset costs analysis.

2018 – Infrastructure Cliff? Queensland’s ageing Water and Sewerage Assets.-  Research Report 5.1: In-ground asset age analysis.

2017 - Demand Management Case Studies - This report showcases demand management programs from regional Queensland.

2017 - Council Owned Water Services - Results from workshop on governance options for council controlled water services.

2016 - Modelling Water Demand.-  Research Report 4: Modelling Water Use in Regional Queensland.

2015 - Cost Drivers and KPIs. Research Report 3: Review of financial indicators and cost drivers for the Queensland urban water industry.

2015 - Review of Sustainable Models. Research Report 2: Review of urban water reform in Australia and overseas.

2011 - QWRAP Scoping Paper. Research Report 1: Review of drivers of urban water reform and alternative institutional models.

QWRAP Updates

QWRAP 2018 - Release Date 11-Dec-2018: - QWRAP Annual Progress Report 2018

QWRAP 2017 - Release Date 07-Dec-2017: - QWRAP Update: Year 2. 2016-2017 Funding

QWRAP 2016 (Planning) - Release Date 07-Sep-2016: - Update and future planning,September 2016

QWRAP 2016 - Release Date 23-Jul-2018: - QWRAP Update Report June 2016

QWRAP 2014 - Release Date 23-Jul-2018: - QWRAP Update Report 2014

QWRAP 2013 - Release Date 23-Jul-2018: - QWRAP Update Report 2013

QWRAP 2012 - Release Date 23-Jul-2018: - QWRAP Update Report 2012

QWRAP 2011 - Release Date 23-Jul-2018: - QWRAP Update Report 2011

QWRAP Publications

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