eFlash #466

eFlash #466

eFlash #466
Date: 20-Jan-2021

In this edition: Sustainable Water and Sewerage Services for Regional and Remote Communities Event – Registrations Now Open!| qldwater Newsletter – Edition #29| Sector Updates: NZ Three Waters Reform Programme and Competency Framework| Next Essentials Webinar| Upcoming Fundamentals Webinar

1. Sustainable Water and Sewerage Services for Regional and Remote Communities Event – Registrations Now Open!

The Queensland Water Directorate and New South Wales Water Directorate are pleased to announce that the registration portal is now open our deferred joint event – ‘Sustainable water and sewerage services for regional and remote communities’ will now be held in Goondiwindi on 17-18 February 2021. 

It will be another 'hybrid' event. We hope to see as many members and stakeholders attend in person and there will also be a large online component which we hope to make as interactive as possible for those attending virtually.

A preliminary version of the program is able on the event website but will include a mix of speakers on strategic and technical solutions, as well as panel sessions and workshops to explore five themes relevant to small and remote communities:

  1. Funding water and sewerage services responsibly and sustainably
  2. Choosing fit-for-purpose technology
  3. Negotiating levels of service
  4. Appropriate approaches to compliance and regulation
  5. Readiness for alternative supplies

All sessions will be available online with interactive sessions to keep all participants involved in the discussion and canvass ideas and opinions.

A sample of presentation topics include:

  • Resilience in Small Towns.
  • Panel session on shared strategic challenges including panelists from NSW, NT, Qld and WSAA
  • Exploring governance and regulation for small communities
  • Session on navigating technology traps
  • Workshop on key messages for decision-makers and funders in other levels of government

The new program represents a slight shift in focus – while we were originally keen to include a showcase of fit-for-purpose technologies, the original intent will be difficult to deliver in a hybrid format, and many of the presentations have now been picked up through our Essentials Webinars.

This is not a standard conference – it is a specifically themed event with a strategic aim of informing our industry roadmap – developing practical recommendations for service providers and government. It is also an exciting collaboration opportunity with NSW.

Register here to book your spot now!

2. qldwater Newsletter – Edition #29

The latest edition of the Queensland Water Directorate Newsletter is ready for you!

To view the newsletter, click here.

Are you subscribed to receive the qldwater newsletter?

If you didn’t receive it in December, email enquiry@qldwater.com.au to get added to our list. You don’t want to miss out.

3. Sector Updates: NZ Three Waters Reform Programme and Competency Framework

The New Zealand Central Government’s cabinet paper to progress waters reform has been released, along with a preliminary economic analysis of the proposed reforms.

Click here to see the documents

The process builds on the recommendations of the Havelock North Inquiry to address serious concerns around governance. It proposes that drinking water, wastewater and stormwater management currently undertaken by 67 councils is transferred to new entities (between 2 and 13 recommended).

There are some big numbers in here. $710M up front to start, an estimated $30B to $50B infrastructure deficit, a 1.8 to 3.3 times increase required to customer bills to address.

The preferred approach is a voluntary/ opt-in one with the majority of the $710M going towards incentives for councils to participate.

There will be a lot of activity in this space in 2021.

4. Next Essentials Webinar

Essentials Webinar: 28 January 2021 at 10am. Register Now!

We are kicking off the New Year with our first essentials webinar on 28 January.

We have two presentations lined up, each with an assets focus:

  • Nadine Story and Noel Ralph from Urban Utilities will speak on a ‘seven-year major sewer upgrade project that is approaching completion’.
  • Dr Joe Mathew from the Asset Institute at Queensland University of Technology will speak on ‘Innovations in Asset Management’.

We will be delivering Essentials Webinars via MS Teams in the new year, which has meant a slight change to the registration process. You will receive confirmation at the time of your registration, with details for accessing the webinar emailed to you a few days prior to the event. The webinars are free for employees of qldwater members. Non-members can participate in the Essentials webinars for a cost of $50 plus GST, payable on registration.

Recordings of all previous webinars are available for members to access via the qldwater website.

We look forward to seeing you all then.

5. Upcoming Fundamentals Webinar

qldwater’s Fundamentals Webinars make their return next Tuesday, 19 January 2021 from 10am-11am. Murray Thompson will be presenting on ‘Backflow/Cross Connection Awareness & Control’. Register now!

Registrations in advance are required as we will be delivering these webinars via MS Teams from now on. On completion of your registration you will receive an email confirming you have been registered to attend. Details for accessing the webinar will then be emailed to you the day before the event. Please be sure to register with the email address you’ll be using to connect to the webinar.

The webinars are free for employees of qldwater members and Water Skills Partners. Non-members may participate in the Fundamentals webinars at a cost of $50 plus GST, payable at the time of registration.

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