eFlash #480

eFlash #480

eFlash #480
Date: 27-Apr-2021

In this edition: Essentials Webinar Wrap - THM Management in Drinking Water Networks| Barcaldine Regional Conference - Register Now!| Public Register Portal Opens Up Environmental Records to All| High Pressure Water Jetting of AC Pipes - Industry Exemption| Charters Towers Conference - Call for Papers

1. Essentials Webinar Wrap - THM Management in Drinking Water Networks

Last week’s Essentials Webinar was a little different from previous sessions, with a series of presenters sharing the issues they experience in managing THMs in their treatment plants and networks. We were pleased to have David Sheehan from Coliban Water in Victoria as our Chair of the session and he provided an introduction about the issues, including the international regulatory context for THM. David’s introduction was followed by short presentations from Stuart Boyd (Mackay), Duncan Middleton (Seqwater), Cameron Ansell (Fraser Coast) and Phil Wetherell (Logan). 

An audience poll indicated that the issue has been identified as a risk and will be addressed internally subject to available resources or is a very high priority for more than 80% of respondents.  

This was followed by a panel session including Natasha Georgius (Logan), Paul Sherman (Urban Utilities), and Terry Fagg (Western Downs). The discussion highlighted that the problem is widespread, affecting both the largest and smallest water service providers, and that each scheme has its own unique set of conditions and challenges to meet existing guidelines, and that there is no single solution for service providers.  

Thanks again to all presenters, the recording is available at https://www.qldwater.com.au/essentials-webinar-series and PDF copies of the presentations will be added to the website when available. 

2. Barcaldine Regional Conference - Register Now!

With only three weeks left until the Barcaldine Conference, time is running out to register! 

The qldwater regional event will be in Barcaldine on 19th and 20th May, hosted by Barcaldine Regional Council. Parts of the program will again be available online, but we hope to get as many people in person as we can.

There is a dinner planned on the evening of the 19th and full day conference on the 20th. There will also be a site tour in the morning of the 20th May.

The event theme will be focused on service delivery in the West and we hope to be able to showcase some of the activities of the Remote Area Planning and Development Board’s Water and Sewerage Alliance which is supported through QWRAP.

A preliminary version of the program is available on the event website.

Please contact Naomi (ncarragher@qldwater.com.au) if you are interested in sponsoring this event.

Thank you to our major event sponsor George Bourne and Associates who are our Principal and Dinner sponsors for this event. GBA Engineers has provided services including Engineering, Survey, Building Certification, Cultural Heritage & Environmental, Design and Project Management to outback Queensland.

Also thank you to our other confirmed sponsors Dial Before You Dig for the Water Connections Tour, Aquatec Maxcon and Royce Water Technologies our Gold Sponsors.

Register here to book your spot now!

3. Public Register Portal Opens Up Environmental Records to All

A new online portal released by Department of Environment and Science will give the public improved access to environmental licences and permits in Queensland. Key advantages of the portal: 

  • Quick and easy to get updates on enforcement activities carried out by the (DES).    
  • The portal contains current environmental authorities that have been granted, suspended, cancelled, surrendered, expired, most enforcement actions and temporary emissions licences.
  • All records now available 24/7 for free as part of the Queensland Government’s commitment to transparency and increasing the availability of its information. 
  • The Portal will be updated weekly and will include existing environmental data that is already publicly available as well as data that will be published online for the first time. 
  • Information can be searched by permit or holder details, or the location, and the documents can be viewed online or digital copies can be downloaded. 

The Public Register Portal can be accessed here: https://www.qld.gov.au/environment/pollution/licences-permits/public-register

4. High Pressure Water Jetting of AC Pipes - Industry Exemption 

qldwater has been directed by its Strategic Priorities Group to investigate pursuing an industry-wide exemption for high pressure water jetting of AC mains. This direction is in response to the publication of the updated Australian Asbestos Eradication Agency guidelines which draw greater attention to the practice and specifically point to the need for approval from state and territory workplace health and safety regulators to undertake the activity.

During conversations with WHSQ last year we were informed that WRIQ (Waste Recycling Industry Queensland) was pursuing an exemption for their members (large waste providers e.g. Veolia) and it would be preferred if we could work directly with that organisation to deliver an agreed template.

Progress has been slow to date but we have received a draft Safe Work Method Statement last week.  We sought interest through our forums for member representatives to discuss and have scheduled an online meeting for 27 April at 1pm.    

If you haven’t already nominated a representative and wish to be included, could you please advise Ryan Cosgrove (rcosgrove@qldwater.com.au)  or David Cameron (dcameron@qldwater.com.au). 

5. Charters Towers Conference 21/22 July - Call for Papers 

To finish off our year on a high note with qldwater Regional Conferences, our last one for 2021 will be held in Charters Towers on 21st and 22nd July, hosted by Charters Towers Regional Council.

The event theme will be focused on the ‘Water Quality Challenges in Northern Queensland’.

Early bird registrations will be complimentary again for qldwater members, with a dinner planned on the evening of the 21st.

This event will be ran as a hybrid however we hope to get as many people to attend in person. 

The call is now open for relevant technical and other presentations to fill 20-25 minutes slots.

Presentations from qldwater members or organisations able to co-present with members will always be prioritised. We aim to make the process as easy as possible: you only need to provide us with a brief outline now and a PowerPoint on the day if accepted. Please forward your ideas to dcameron@qldwater.com.au.

Thank you to our confirmed sponsors GanDen our Dinner Sponsor and Royce Water Technologies and Aqualyng our Gold Sponsors. 

Please contact Naomi (ncarragher@qldwater.com.au) if you are interested in sponsoring this event.

qldwater is a business unit of IPWEAQ 

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