eFlash #512

eFlash #512

eFlash #512
Date: 17-Nov-2021

In this edition: Water Sector Vaccinations and COVID BCP – Feedback Request| 2021 IPWEAQ Annual Conference – Two Presentations| Opportunity for First Nations Water Professional to join advisory committee| Positions Available – Department of Environment and Science 

1. Water Sector Vaccinations and COVID BCP – FeedbackRequest

qldwater has been approached by the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water for assistance in following up a request from QPS. It would be appreciated if members who are in a position to do so could provide some quick responses to the following 4 questions to dcameron@qldwater.com.au by Friday 19 November. We will be providing additional information for number 4 based on recent communications around essential/ critical workers.

1. Has your organisation undertaken business continuity planning around COVID risks including threats to your workforce and subsequent supply / outages / disruptions?

2. What is your organisation’s current policy towards workforce vaccinations/ are you able to provide vaccination statistics?

3. Is there any assistance that QPS can provide, e.g. messaging packs designed to engage / promote vaccination uptake / other strategies?

4. Are there any other COVID-related issues that the organisation is having and is government assistance / support required?

2. 2021 IPWEAQ Annual Conference – Two Presentations

At the recent IPWEAQ Annual Conference held at Cairns, there were two presentations related to the water sector that our parent body has kindly agreed to make available to support qldwater member education. To view these presentations please click on the links below:

Dynamic catchment risk assessment – innovative tools for water security decision-making 

A presentation on Havelock North – a visually-rich analysis of the mapping and other tools developed to understand catchment risks including aquifer characteristics for the NZ community impacted by a major drinking water quality incident in 2016.  

The Reinvention of the Ayr Drinking Water Supply to meet water quality and resiliency benchmarks

An excellent presentation from two Burdekin staff describing the challenges associated with PFAS detections in their raw water system and measures taken to address.

IPWEAQ memberships are open to anyone actively involved in the delivery of public works and services in Queensland including technical officers, supervisors, fleet managers, project managers, finance and HR professionals, councillors and consultants. Criteria: you must be a person of good character and agree to comply with the terms of the Constitution including the Objects of the Company.

3. Opportunity to First Nations Water Professional to join advisory committee

Water Research Australia (WaterRA) is a member-funded, not-for-profit organisation with the vision of being the “Leading source of water wisdom for healthy communities and a healthy planet”.
We acknowledge First Nations peoples’ intrinsic and deep knowledge of and their connection with water, country and (environmental and human) health. Working under the principle “nothing about us without us”, we are pleased to announce the opportunity for a First Nations person to provide insight and assist in shaping the WaterRA Research Leadership Program that can make a difference to the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal communities.
WaterRA is seeking a First Nations Water Professional to join the WaterRA Research Leadership Program Advisory Committee (RLPAC) and its Indigenous Pathways Working Group (IPWG). The person will work together with WaterRA to advise on how best to shape our national research leadership program in the water and health space so that it supports and develops First Nation peoples’ skills and opportunities to pursue careers in the water/health sector while also assisting with connection of the knowledge of both worlds, and fostering mutual understanding and respect, and ultimately achieving positive outcomes for communities.
To read more about this opportunity and submit an EOI form, please click here.

4. Positions Available – Department of Environment and Science

The Department of Environment and Science has just advertised two new Program Extension Officer positions (AO6) to support the departments new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Council’s Engagement Program. The establishment of this program follows a collaborative process with Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Councils to co-design a 5-step program to reframe our regulatory relationship. The program will be underpinned by the establishment and maintenance of a regulatory relationship that enables positive environmental outcomes, protection of cultural and spiritual values and healthier communities by being fit for purpose, fit for place and fit for people.

Whilst not identified positions, the department has advertised these positions as First Nations Priority Consideration roles to encourage and support First Nations applicants. First Nations Priority Consideration roles ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons who meet the minimum requirements of the position are given priority consideration in progressing to the second stage of the selection process.

The positions are currently advertised on SmartJobs (Queensland Government QLD/395444/21 Program Extension Officer) and will shortly be advertised across a range of other mediums such as the Koori Mail, Black Star radio and various other on-line job search sites including ATSI Indigenous Employment Australia, NRM Jobs and CareerOne. Applications close Friday 3 December and interested persons are welcome to contact me directly on 07 4222 5364 or via email at hollie.wakefield@des.qld.gov.au.

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