Stu lays down the gauntlet

Stu lays down the gauntlet

Stu lays down the gauntlet
Date: 11-Aug-2020

With a swathe of awards under the belt, water from Mackay Regional Council’s Marian Water Treatment Plant is no doubt a top drop.

It was first selected as a winner by attendees at the qldwater Annual Forum in 2019, by the general community at the National Taste Test event in Dunkeld, Victoria in 2019 and finally by a panel of judges at the Berkeley Springs International Water Taste Test event in the US where it came second in the world! They are obviously onto a good thing.

In this short video, Stu tells us a little bit about what he believes to be the secret to their success:

The secrets to success

  1. You have to have a good source – and the Eungella rainforest makes for a good catchment!
  2. Having a good treatment plant – Marian WTP was built around 2012 – a clever design that requires very low dose rates compared to some other plants.
  4. Having a great team and people pulling together – Mackay Water has a team of 44 across the region with operators, chemical / process engineers, reporting staff, lab staff  and more. Stu believes their Operators want to make a positive change and their efforts to optimise the plant have gone a long way towards making the perfect drop.
  6. A bit of luck on the day!

When the news of the international success was announced in the papers, the Mackay community got behind it, saying they always knew it was good. For Mackay Council, it was great to be part of something that offered a good news story! And it was a shot of morale for the team.

Stu lays down the gauntlet

We asked Stu who he was most scared of… here’s what he had to say:

Stu is keen to have another crack at the world title, so let’s see who can knock them off the perch and maybe even conquer the world.

Who’s in the running?

We’ve received 6 entry forms so far:

  • Barcaldine Regional Council – Barcaldine Scheme
  • Bundaberg Regional Council – Lovers Walk WTP
  • Livingstone Shire Council – Capricorn Coast – Woodbury WTP
  • Winton Shire Council Winton scheme
  • Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council- Wujal Wujal scheme
  • Southern Downs Regional Council - scheme TBC

No doubt Mackay and Toowoomba will want to have to have another crack at the World Title – get your entry forms in by Friday 14 August please! 

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