Mackay Water Top Drop in Australia

Mackay Water Top Drop in Australia

Mackay Water Top Drop in Australia
Date: 25-Oct-2019

Water from Mackay Regional Council’s Marian Water Treatment Plant was selected top drop in the fifth annual Ixom Best Tasting Tap Water in Australia Competition held at the 3 Peaks festival in Dunkeld, Victoria last weekend where festival goers participated in a blind taste test of seven entries from across the country. 

Stuart Boyd from Mackay Regional Council was pleased to accept the trophy on behalf of the Mackay water team.

“In many ways having the community do this was a true test of the best tasting water rather than being conducted by a panel of industry professionals that might focus on other aspects of the water other than taste,”Stuart said. 

“All state finalists had excellent entries and there was plenty of debate in the community about what they thought was the best tasting and why. The overall consensus was that they were all fine drops and there was increased awareness of not just the health and economic benefits of tap water but also the high quality of water that is available around Australia.”

Stuart said the win was a pleasant surprise, providing great recognition to the dedicated and professional Mackay Water Treatment Team who is continuing on a winning streak, having won the qldwater on tap Best of the Best Queensland Water Taste Test the last two years in a row. 

The source of water is the headwaters of the Pioneer River which originates in the tropical rainforests of the Eungella National Park and the Crediton State Forest. It is treated at the Marian Water Treatment Plant which provides water to more than 6,000 Marian and Mirani residents. The plant uses clarification, filtration and chlorine disinfection processes to treat the water to meet the Australian Drinking Water Quality guidelines.

The other samples came from Nowra in New South Wales, Launceston in Tasmania, Swan Reach in South Australia, Geelong in Victoria and Perth representing Western Australia.

Mackay will now go on to represent Australia at the Berkeley Springs International Tap Water Tasting competition in the US next year, and will get to host the next national event on home turf.

The taste test is about more than just how good the water tastes: it is a way to help inform the community about how much effort goes into providing quality drinking water – an essential, sustainable service provided 24/7 by the staff of our local water utilities.

Previous Winners:

  • 2018 – Hamilton, Victoria – Wannon Water
  • 2017 – Mt Kynoch, Queensland – Toowoomba Regional Council
  • 2016 – Barrington WTP, Tasmania – Tas Water
  • 2015 – Marysville WTP, Victoria – Goulburn Valley Water

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