Water Quality Course Released

Water Quality Course Released

Water Quality Course Released
Date: 23-Jul-2018

After many months of development, we are pleased to be able to release Water Quality – an online course for people working on or around water infrastructure. It is a simple overview of what contaminants are, the risks they pose, how they can enter a drinking water system and the responsibilities of those working on infrastructure to reduce that risk. 

The course includes practical guidance on how to operate within work sites including good housekeeping and disinfection practices. It complements our existing online offerings - the industry induction package, legislation and risk management. 

Those who have attended qldwater presentations in recent times would be aware of the plan to develop this course. The version available at the above link is provided to qldwater and Water Skills Partnership members free of charge for internal use. You just need a qldwater web account - if you don’t have one already click here and complete the registration, and provided you are using a member organisation email address, it will be approved directly.

It is still intended to use the “Aqua Card” title referred to previously for a fee for service course targeting contractors servicing Queensland utilities. The content will essentially be the same, but is likely to include a larger pool of questions and at the end of the course, a statement of completion will be generated. Some members are considering whether to mandate the course as part of service contracts and we are looking into the additional necessary technologies and processes.

We would particularly like to acknowledge the following people for their assistance and feedback in the development of the course: Alan Kleinschmidt (for the first detailed version of the content), Brian Hester, Shannon McBride, Jill Busch, Dave Barry, Trevor Dean, Laura Shiels, Phil Wetherell, Julia Krawitz, Palith Siriwardana and the Department of Health. Thanks also to the qldwater members who have kindly contributed photographs.

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