Seqwater gaining Smart Water Advice

Seqwater gaining Smart Water Advice

Seqwater gaining Smart Water Advice
Date: 11-Sep-2018

Seqwater has become the first water utility to join the Smart Water Advice Program in Queensland.  The Smart Water Advice Program, which launched in 2006, currently has the support of every water corporation in Victoria, the Victorian State Government and over 35 councils across NSW.  In the context where most of inland and southern Queensland has been drought-declared and NSW recently announced it is 100% in drought, Seqwater’s decision to join the program is timely.  

The Smart Water Advice Program was developed to help water businesses and councils provide professional water efficiency information to their customers. For a small membership fee, organisations gain access to the Smart Water Advice platform which contains 35 pages of regionalised water saving content for the home, garden and at work, a garden designer and plant finder, water efficiency videos, factsheets and posters. All the content is available to re-brand as your own and embed into member’s sites and communication channels to residents.  

Sophie Walker, Corporate and Community Relations Manager at Seqwater said, "Seqwater sees great value in the resources available under the Smart Water Advice program.  As part of our three-year education and engagement initiative to encourage and sustain water efficient behaviours amongst South East Queenslanders, we are working closely with Smart Approved WaterMark to improve water efficiency content on our digital channels and other educational materials. Having these resources ready to use means we don’t have to create our own and we can focus our attention on other education and engagement activities.” 

Chris Philpot, CEO, of Smart Approved WaterMark said “Water businesses and councils have a responsibility to provide water saving information to their customers.  We found that most don’t have the ability to do this themselves.  Our members have seen great value in Smart Approved WaterMark providing quality, accessible, rebranded water saving resources for them.”

Benefits of the Smart Water Advice Program include:

  • Removes the need for every organisation to spend time developing water efficiency resources independently. 
  • Provides resources to organisations that do not have resources or time to produce such resources. 
  • The collaborative nature of the program means that resources can be produced at low cost to each member.
  • Central production ensures consistency of design and messaging. 

Water utilities and councils across Australia that are interested in finding out more about the benefits of becoming a member of Smart Water Advice to gain access to water efficient resources should contact Chris Philpot, CEO at or on 02 9223 3322. 

View the water efficiency resource at  

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