Sewerage and Water Environmental Advisory Panel

Sewerage and Water Environmental Advisory Panel

Sewerage and Water Environmental Advisory Panel
Date: 20-Sep-2017

The qldwater ERA 63 Expert Group which has been meeting regularly for several years to provide advice on environmental management and regulation of STPs and sewage pump stations has been formalised as an Advisory Panel for qldwater. The group, renamed the Sewerage and Water Environmental Advisory Panel (SWEAP) has formed a Terms of Reference and elected a Chair (Mark Vis, Tablelands Regional Council) and Deputy Chair (Cameron Jackson, QUU).

The group will hold two meetings in Brisbane each year with interim teleconferences as needed. It has regular representation from four SEQ service providers, several Great Barrier Reef councils and service providers from regional Queensland.

At their recent meeting, the SWEAP discussed a range of issues including presentations from the compliance and policy sections of DEHP, and from DSITI. The following topics were discussed:

  • clarification of EHP compliance processes including use of TEPs,
  • standard conditions for sewage pumping stations and the Code of Practice (see below)
  • proposed EHP changes to End of Waste Codes and waste-related ERAs,
  • the new EHP water quality offsets policy,
  • Great Barrier Reef water quality policy development,
  • chlorine discharge requirements,
  • review of the EHP Monitoring and Sampling Manual.


For further information on any of these issues or the SWEAP group, contact Rob Fearon (, 0428 300 208).  


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