Toowoomba Water Goes Global!

Toowoomba Water Goes Global!

Toowoomba Water Goes Global!
Date: 21-Feb-2018

Water from Toowoomba Regional Council’s(TRC) Mt Kynoch Water Treatment Plant is on its way to Berkeley Springs in the USA to compete in the International Water Tasting Competition to be held on Saturday, 24 February 2018.

Toowoomba Regional Council’s water and wastewater team have been basking in glory for more than a year, first taking out the 2016 Queensland title of the IXOM Best of the Best Queensland Water Taste Test, then defeating NSW in the 2017 IXOM Water of Origin competition (where Queensland has reigned supreme for the past four years), before finally taking out the IXOM Best Tap Water in Australia competition. Now they’re taking on the world!

TRC Mayor Paul Antonio said this was the Olympics for urban water and Toowoomba was in the gold medal round.

“I am so proud that the Mt Kynoch water has been recognised internationally,” Mayor Antonio said. 

“It is a tribute to our dedicated Council staff who work to produce this quality product for residents of the Toowoomba Region every day.

“It is humbling that our water now gets the opportunity to compete against the best of the best in municipal water from around the world.”

TRC Water and Waste Committee chair Cr Nancy Sommerfield said the national title was a stunning achievement and now to be on the international stage “is beyond our wildest dreams”.

“Council is very proud that a sample of water from the Mt Kynoch Water Treatment Plant won through to the International Water Tasting final when it was named the IXOM 2017 Best Tap Water in Australia during National Water Week at Launceston last year,” Cr Sommerfield said.

TRC Water and Waste portfolio leader Cr Bill Cahill said all awards were a fine tribute to the professionalism of Water Operations officers.

Cr Cahill said water operators and laboratory technicians at Mt Kynoch tested water samples daily to ensure residents had a safe and secure drinking water supply.

“Mt Kynoch’s representation on the international stage is a fitting reward for the attention to detail and dedication of the staff that monitor our drinking water supplies,” Cr Cahill said.

While Toowoomba prepares to take on the world title, qldwater is preparing to sign off on an order for “Livingstone Lager” – the first craft beer to be brewed from winning water from the Ixom Best of the Best Queensland Water Taste Test. 

Livingstone Shire Council’s Capricorn Coast Scheme was selected as the state’s top drop in 2017, and now the water from the pristine dunal water system at Waterpark Creek will feature in a very limited edition lager. 

The taste test forms part of the qldwater on tap campaign, which aims to show our communities the benefits of safe, secure and sustainable water services and promoting tap water as a smarter choice. Through qldwater on tap we hope to assist our members to find meaningful ways to engage with their communities. 

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