Vendor Pitch Winner 2022

Vendor Pitch Winner 2022

Vendor Pitch Winner 2022
Date: 08-Feb-2023

Each year at the qldwater Annual Forum, we host a Vendor Pitch session to raise funds for the Queensland Water Regional Communities Innovations Program (QWRCIP), a charitable venture aimed at helping address urban water and sewerage challenges facing small and remote communities. It is administered under the auspices of qldwater with a steering committee made up of members of its Strategic Priorities Group. In 2022, scholarships were offered to staff from these communities to attend regional events as well as the Annual Forum week which included the three day event, the qldwater Strategic Priorities Group meeting, and knowledge exchange and time spent with mentors from other larger Queensland Utilities.

Sean Cohen, Head of Smart Metering at Suez, was selected as the winner of the 2022 Vendor Pitch session. We asked Suez some questions about the win, and this is what they had to say:

1. Can you please tell us a bit about your decision to enter the pitch and your subsequent win – what does it mean for you/SUEZ?

At SUEZ, we believe that smart city applications such as smart metering solutions help improve liveability, optimise city functions, promote economic growth and improve sustainability. Our longstanding partners at qldwater share our philosophy, which is why we were proud to sponsor their 2022 Annual Forum.

Our Head of Smart Metering, Sean Cohen, entered qldwater’s presentation pitch to share what we’re doing in the smart water space in a real, competitive, and high-stakes environment. Not only did this allow Sean to share valuable insight and provide real-life examples of how SUEZ is improving efficiencies with IoT technologies, he was also able to promote two-way dialogue and gain valuable feedback from the judges and participants through his bold, unique approach to engage the audience.

“I walked on stage with a bag of chocolates and literally threw my scripted presentation out the window,” he said.

“I wanted to connect people with the heart and soul of what we do. This extends far beyond the realm of products and technologies; rather, it focuses on how we’re creating better ways of managing life’s essential resource using a system that makes us more resilient – now and into the future.”

2. What are you / your organisation trying to achieve with the sector and what excites you?

A name synonymous with innovation, SUEZ is a driven, purpose-filled organisation. What excites us is our ability to support our customers through their ecological transitions towards net zero, whilst ensuring water resiliency. We think outside the box to ensure that the planet we live on is a place our descendants will be proud to live in.

We understand that every drop of water is a precious resource and will work to make sure communities have reliable access to clean water and sanitation services. The proper use of water is a critical issue to us. To achieve this and to ensure our customers get the most value out of their asset management lifecycle, we are committed to engendering a circular economy through sustainable, resilient solutions.

“Each multidisciplinary team puts their ingenuity to the test at every opportunity to serve society,” says Sean.

“In my field, this means harnessing smart technologies to educate our customers so they can proactively communicate with their communities about their water usage. This empowers end-users to understand exactly how much water they are using and when.”

3. What do you think about the current technologies available now and what it means for the water industry?

One area that SUEZ is known for is being a trusted partner for circular solutions in water. Since our inception, we have developed a fundamental understanding of the needs of our clients, our communities and the environments we serve.

Digital technologies connected through IoT are a fundamental component to promoting circular solutions. For us at SUEZ, they create water and water-related ecosystems. For example, our WIZE technology is designed to connect hard-to-access objects and deliver high-quality, secure information for IoT applications. This reduces losses of water, improves water efficiency and productivity, and minimises pressure upon water-related ecosystems.

For water utilities and their partners, the technologies that underpin and connect complex operating systems with thousands of smart meters must be robust and easily deployed to meet evolving challenges in efficient water supply.

“Our WIZE technologies are sustainable, robust, readily deployed anywhere in the world, and are a proven powerful solution to the challenges of balancing growth, resource protection, and quality of life,” says Sean.

“For us at SUEZ, our smart water solutions are the beating heart of the smart cities – now and into the future.”

4. Is there anything exciting in the pipeline that you are looking at bringing to the market?

We recently launched our global strategy, which will set the tone for how we can create the most sustainable water management solutions for the next five years.

As Australia and the world move faster towards a circular economy, our step-change strategy is built to achieve this and is underpinned by three central pillars.

One pillar focuses on our core business. SUEZ is always looking at the value chain of wastewater, water, and corollary services. We also examine our core markets that combine resilient and mature markets with an appetite for innovation and high-growth emerging markets.

A second pillar shows how we’re differentiating ourselves through our value propositions for our customers. We’re integrating our construction and operational expertise with our role as a digital, end-user experience and innovation leader. This is all collected under the umbrella of ambitious commitments that are proven to support people, the planet and nature.

The third pillar focuses on value creation for our customers and stakeholders. We manage all our projects to prioritise cutting-edge technologies, digital solutions, and scalable services to maintain our competitive edge.

This is an exceptionally exciting time for us - we’re shepherding our customers forward in their ecological transition and are empowering end-users by providing them with the tools to proactively manage their water needs.

“Being our partner means working with our customers’ end users to develop solutions that create a sustainable lifestyle and protect nature,” says Sean.

“These solutions and services are enhanced with intelligent digital technologies that support proactive water management and responsible behaviours. At SUEZ, we want to help our customers and communities take an active part in preserving water. What we do now will set the trajectory for generations to come.”

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